From Birth to Birth
© Ferna Lary Mills
Do you remember? It wasn't so long ago when the doctor told you I was growing inside of
you. Do you remember the joy? The wonder you felt? I do. I was so excited to be making my
journey into your world. I chose you, you know. Of all of the parents in the world, I chose you.

It was quite miraculous really, for both of us.

Do you remember the first time I moved inside your womb? Do you remember my first kick?
My first hiccup? I remember, too. You were so happy and full of joy. You sang to me and I
heard. You talked to me and I listened. When you moved, I rocked gently inside of you and it
was so comfortable. You carried around my picture and showed it to all of your friends, even
though it didn't look much like a child, but more like a tadpole. Still, you shared your joy with
those around you.

Do you remember the day I was born? Yes, how could you forget? Birth really is a miracle,
you know. He allows us to enter this world through our earthly parents, and brings us from
the darkness of the womb into the light of our parents love.

He told me it would be difficult. He said life on earth is hard and filled with both joy and tears.
He was right. Of course, He always is. For He created this great world and all that is in it.

Do you remember how you felt when I was born? Did you grieve? Did you mourn? No, you
were filled with abundant joy! You didn't grieve for an empty womb. You didn't mourn at the
loss of the tiny child inside of you. Instead, you rejoiced that the child you carried in your
womb, you would now carry in your arms.

Do you remember how many times you held my hand? I certainly do. You held my hand the
first day you took me to church and I was afraid for you to leave me in my class alone. You
held my hand when you walked me to the bus to go to school. I was afraid then, too. Your
hands were so safe and strong when I was insecure and afraid. I will always remember the
comfort there - in your hands.

You held my hand when I was sick, and the doctor told us I would not get well. There was so
much love in your hands, but I could see the pain in your face.

Life, no matter how long, always seems to be too short. You cry, "Why now?" But I must ask,
when would be a better time for you to say goodbye to me? Next year? In twenty more
years? No, there is never a good time to lose someone you love. But time is only in your
world, not in His.

You must remember this, for this is the Truth. Do not grieve now for your empty arms, as you
did not grieve for your empty womb. I am not dead. I was born into your world, and you held
my hand. Now I've been born into my Father's world, where He holds my hand.

I am always with you. I see you when you cry and wish I could hold your hand and provide
you with the same comfort you've given me. I wish I could wipe away your tears. Remember
that grief is a natural part of this earthly world, but you must not let it control you. There are
many joys ahead. He has told me so. Then, the day will come when you will be reborn also,
and He will welcome you with His open, loving arms.

Until then, He will hold your hand and walk you through each of the difficult days ahead.  
Lean on Him when you are afraid or when your grief threatens to overpower you. Let Him
guide your footsteps as you so many times guided mine.

Be comforted in the knowledge that my love didn't die when I left you. It lives on throughout
all eternity.
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