Losing a loved one turns your world upside down.
Nothing is ever the same again.  What was, no longer is.
There's an empty plate at the dinner table, an empty
chair in the living room, an empty bed down the
hallway, and an emptiness in your heart that aches so
deeply. It's not used to the vacuum that's left behind
when a loved one is absent.

But only one thing is absolutely certain: Things change. People change. Times change.   
But God's love for you NEVER changes.

It's my prayer that God will hold you close to His side as you walk through the dark and
stormy days ahead, as you search for that "puzzle of you" that's left behind. He will bear
your sorrows and give you strength if you only ask Him.

I know this, because He walked with me and carried me through my own grief after the loss
of both of my parents.  Losing Mother, I lost also my very best life-long friend. Losing my
father, I lost my anchor and my strength. God helped me to find my way on this great big
planet, using His strength and His guidance.  He did this because of His love for me. His
love for you is just as strong!

                                                His Love Never Changes!
I was a thousand-piece puzzle put together
And I knew who I was, and why.
The pieces fit together so nicely
As we walked through this life, you and I.

But you've left me and now this puzzle
Has been tossed and whirled about.
And I can't seem to put it together
For some of the pieces are left out.

So who am I now that you've left me?
How does this puzzle of me take shape?
The pieces don't quite fit together
Not even using glue and some tape.

I wish I had something to go by
Like a photo of me all complete,
So I could see if the pieces are placed right
Or if I should just give up in defeat.

Yes, who am I now that you're gone?
I know I'm not the same as before.
This puzzle of me is missing pieces . . .
Critical ones from down in my core.

I'll just keep turning the pieces over
Until I find who I'm supposed to be.
It's just going to take some time, Lord
To figure out this picture of me.
Who Am I Now?
©  Ferna Lary Mills


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