After an hour of waiting while they worked on her husband in the emergency
room, she listened as the doctor said in his grim voice, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Johnson.
We used every life-saving technique available, but we've lost him."

While attending church services months later, she overheard the woman behind
her say, "She lost her husband, poor soul.  A heart attack."

The friend leans across the pew and tries to comfort her with the words, "I lost
my husband four years ago. He had cancer and he suffered for so long.  I know
what you're going through."

The Sunday morning worship service begins and she remembers the day she
and her husband were married in this same church. They almost weren't.  A tear
slides down her cheek as she remembers. He had been twenty minutes late
because he had lost his car keys. Then during the ceremony, he temporarily lost
the ring. Looking back now, it seemed comical. They had lost so many things
over the years.

In 1965 they lost their home to a fire, but managed to save their children. In 1971
they lost their family pet, Titus. The six-year-old golden retriever disappeared for
four days before returning home. In 1980 her husband lost his job due to
corporate downsizing.

She remembers losing much less important things:  combs, purses, phone
numbers, shoes. The sock that always gets lost while doing laundry. Her heart is
heavy. Now she has lost her soul mate.  Now she is completely lost without him.

The choir begins to sing louder and breaks into her thoughts, "I was lost, but
now I'm found."

A strange peace begins to fill her heart as she realizes the truth.  She even
smiles.  No, he isn't lost. Not at all. To be lost is to be misplaced. You lose car
keys and inanimate objects because they have been misplaced. You don't
misplace a loved one.

Wiping away her tears, she makes a mental note that the next time someone
mentions that they have "lost" someone, she will tell them the truth. They are not
truly lost. They have simply gone to live with the Lord, and He has found them."
Lost and Found
©  Ferna Lary Mills
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