The Butterfly
I believe everything was created for a reason. That God, in His infinite wisdom, knew
exactly what he was doing during creation, and that nothing was an accident or a
mistake. For to believe otherwise, would be to believe in a flawed God.

I believe the giraffe was created intentionally with a long neck, not to make us laugh at
its awkwardness, but to bring us joy at watching its slender grace as it reaches into
the tree tops for its food.

I believe the fly was created as an annoyance to us in the hot summertime, solely to
make us grateful for its absence.

I believe the orangutan was created simply to make us smile, the porcupine to make
us wary, and the butterfly to keep us in awe of God.

Think for a moment about the butterfly.

God created a caterpillar. How difficult it is to look at that ugly thing and imagine the
beautiful creation it will become?  It wasn't created as a butterfly, but God created it to
emerge as a butterfly. He created the process and the means for it to become what
He truly intends for it to be.

The caterpillar inches along throughout it's life, overcoming one obstacle after
another. When it's life has been fulfilled, it's useless body wraps itself into a cocoon
and seals itself to hide the creature it once was. The caterpillar is no more. Is it dead?
No. It just isn't a caterpillar any longer. For once the cocoon opens, a new creature
emerges, more beautiful than anything the caterpillar could ever imagine. It extends it's
magnificent wings and flies off into the Heavens.

Such is the passing of a loved one. When their life on earth is passed, we wrap their
useless body, worn and weary from the years, and place it in a casket and mourn their

But wait!  Remember the caterpillar.  Instead of sorrow, we should express our joy, for
the fight has been won and the difficult journey is over. We say, "They have died." But
is this true?  Have our loved ones truly died?

Like the caterpillar, they have shed the old body. They will emerge new again and rise
from that cocoon, more beautiful than ever imagined as they rise towards the Heavens
to meet a loving God.

It's not the end of life, any more than a cocoon is the end of the life of the caterpillar.
© Ferna Lary Mills
What the caterpillar believes
is the End of the World,
the butterfly knows
is the Beginning!
The Miracle
© Ferna Lary Mills

The tiny caterpillar sleeps, wrapped in a silk cocoon.
It didn't die. It only waits. It will rise again very soon.
The breath of God revives it and dries each stiff, wet wing.
When it finally emerges, I believe even Angels sing.
Don't grieve for the caterpillar, for it truly didn't die.
God simply had a greater need for a beautiful butterfly.
Freed from its earthly bondage with wings of delicate lace,
it now soars in the Heavens, closer to
God's loving Face.
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