But For All That I Am,
I Am Blessed
Many of us have suffered numerous tragedies in our lives. Some of us are walking through
the fire right now. I came to tell you something. God has not abandoned us. He isn't punishing
us. We are blessed.

Perhaps you are thinking, what? This woman is crazy! I know what her problem is. Her
elevator doesn't go to the top floor. All her marbles have fallen out of the bag. When they
were passing out brains, she thought they said "trains" and she missed hers.

I wouldn't blame you for saying all of the above comments. I didn't know myself until recently
how blessed I've been. That's why I wanted to share this with you. Turn and look behind you
to see what has been in front of you. I know people say we should never look back, but read
on and you'll see what I mean.

I watched my father die a slow, tortuous death from liver disease when I was young, but I had
a father. He loved me. He laughed with me. He cried with me. I learned what real strength
was because of him. Shedding tears is not a sign of weakness from any man. It takes a
courageous man to be able to cry and share his true feelings. My dad was this type of man.
Some will never know their fathers at all. I was fortunate to have known mine. For this, I am

I suffered years of abuse from a man in my past, but I survived. God saw me as someone
valuable and He redeemed me. He decided He would make me a vessel fit for His use.
Because of Him, and only Him, I am here. Because I lived to tell you this, I am blessed.

I married a godly man and later gave birth to a beautiful little girl. She died when she was only
two days old, but I had a child. I remember her tiny life moving inside of me. It was one of the
most amazing things I've ever known. There are no words to describe the feelings when your
child first moves in your womb. Many women never get to carry a child at all. Therefore, I am

I lost other children, too. I never carried them full-term, but because of eternal life in Jesus, I
have a family. I often imagine what my children might look like. I read stories people write
about their children and hear others talk of their own. I picture mine playing together, in
beautiful fields of flowers as far as the eye can see. I envision them as they walk the streets
of gold beside the Lord, while the glory of His radiance dances off their faces. What an honor
it is to have my children raised by the Lord. I never have to worry for their safety. I never have
to dry their eyes of tears. Again, I am blessed.

My brother died in my arms a few years ago, but I'm thankful I had a brother. He was one of
my dearest friends. He had an amazing spirit of laughter. He gave his life to the Lord before
he passed. You could feel the presence of God fill the room before the angels carried him
home. It was as though a white, glory cloud overshadowed him as he took his last breath.
God didn't have to make a grand entrance, but He did. It was His way of letting me know that
He came for my brother as one of His own. My brother, father, and children await me in
Heaven. Because of this, I am blessed.

These are only a few of the things I have been through in my life. I know many of you have
been through tremendous heartache, too. Be encouraged. I didn't see my blessings for a long
time. I had to reflect through tears to catch a glimpse of them. Look back at where you've
been and search for your nugget of gold. When you find it, hold fast to it with all your might,
just as God has held you in all things. Glean the good from the bad. In doing so, maybe you,
too, can say, "I am blessed."
© 2004, Deborah Anderson
All rights reserved.
Posted here with author's permission.
Please be kind enough to read our Copyright Notice prior to
copying any poems from this website.


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