A Lasting Legacy
The room was packed wall to wall with people. In fact, many were forced to stand out in the
hall to wait in line to get one last glimpse of the man that had so incredibly impacted their lives.
A melting pot of people were standing there. Young and old, white and black, tall and short,
healthy and infirmed were all waiting around for their chance to say goodbye. Who was this
man that had touched so many? Was he a statesman, a politician or famous actor? No. He
was just a humble and caring person.

He did not toot his own horn or cry out for attention. In fact, he probably would have been
embarrassed by the spotlight. Day after day, year after year, Jack Bearden did what a good
Christian is supposed to do. He followed in the footsteps of Christ. Children were given
Christmas presents every year from this anonymous donor. Lives, such as mine, were touched
by his generosity of spirit and character. Even when his health started the slow roll down hill,
he never complained. Sunday in and out, he attended church, drove the church bus, took care
of the needy, and maintained the grounds. He was a deacon, a worker, a husband, father and
grandfather. He was a confidant and a friend. Quietly and meekly, he was God's servant,
caring for those in need.

January 11, 2006, God called him home. His last moments were spent in the loving arms of his
family. He was ready and he was at peace.

We buried his body today. The pastor said that there was nothing left to say about Jack. His
life was his testimony and witness and the people and lives he touched served as his lasting
legacy here on earth.

I can just imagine the scene of his homecoming as he enters through Heaven's gate: the
angels move quickly out of the way, as Jesus runs to meet his child. Jack is home. The toes
he lost to diabetes are restored. His heart and kidneys are whole and healthy. The pink glow
has returned to his face and his smile is bright. In Jesus presence now, he is hearing those
words that we all long to hear. "You have fought the good fight, finished the race and have
kept the faith. Well done my good and faithful servant. Welcome home."

I can only hope and pray that the legacy we leave and the welcome we receive will be as
sweet as Jack's.

God, thank you for letting him be a part of our lives, if only for a short while. We have been
truly blessed. Amen.
© 2006, Buffie Davis
Posted here with author's permission.
Please be kind enough to read our Copyright Notice prior to
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