All things in God's time ... not ours!
© Betty Sue Eaton
All of Life is a great mystery.  God is a great mystery.  If you think about it, we, ourselves, are
great mysteries.  When we are born, we do not know exactly what our lives will be made up of,
and we are not promised by God smooth, even existences without pain or troubles. What we
are promised is a limited time on the earth. Then, if we accept Jesus as our personal savior,
eternal life with God, The Father in Heaven.

When something happens to not go the way WE expect, we are angry, disappointed, sad.  
How dare anything interfere with the way WE think things should be going.  We look for
someone, or something, to blame.  But of course, if we blame anyone living, we have to explain
our anger to them and live with the consequences of our outburst - for a reason the blamed
person has no idea.  And doesn't that sound ridiculous?  To blame the family of a deceased
person, or blame a disease for taking a deceased person, a disease which has no intellect or
feeling or persona, or a situation which is an inanimate thing with no capability of acting or
even reacting?  Only we humans do that.

Of course, we can acknowledge that those are absolutely insane thoughts when examined in
the light of day.  But when we are hurting, grieving, lost, we are a little insane, or certainly, not
thinking very rationally.  And because we know in our hearts that we cannot blame anything or
anyone for our pain, if we are Christ-loving people, we MUST go to God the Father for
comfort.  If we truly listen to His answer to our prayers and pleadings, He will tell us that our
lives are for HIM to control, not us; that He never promised us anything but a numbered days in
our mortal lives, and that if we put our trust and faith in Him, He will give us eternal lives with
Him in Heaven.

He knows the pain of suffering, of losing Someone He loved so dearly, One Who was so pure
and clean that He was the Perfect gift to mankind for their sins. Could any of us freely give our
loved ones for any price to gain anything at all?  Without a second of hesitation, we would all
say NO!  In fact, can any of us say that we knew when we married a person whom we loved
dearly and deeply, or gave birth to a child, we were planning on giving them up for any reason
at all? Absolutely not!  But that, in fact, is exactly what God promised us when we were born:
Nothing in this life is in our control. Sure, we go through our daily lives making plans, working,
living just as though we were in control, and to some extent we are. Our lives take on regular
patterns and we are comfortable with them as long as there are no interruptions to what we
EXPECT from those routines.  But God never told us there wouldn't be interruptions.  He never
told us we could never be fired from our jobs, lose our homes in disasters, lose our health to
some disease, or even our faith in Him.

What He did promise us is that He is The Rock.  He is all powerful, all forgiving, all loving, all
faithful, all merciful.  He is Everything.  And if we trust and accept Him, we will be comforted by
Him.  So when it comes to living with mortal pain and disappointment, we must know in our
hearts that we are living out His plan for us, the greatest mystery of all, and praise Him more.
He is the only One Who can truly understand and comfort us. He is the only One  who will
NEVER leave us. He is our ONLY comfort and solace. He is the One who gave to us the dear
one whom we lost.  For they were never 'Ours', they were always God's.  He just took them
back home before he did us.

Praise God.


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