Murphy's Law:
Everything that can happen ... already has!
© Betty Sue Eaton
Just when you are sitting on easy street and your life is going along in a very satisfactory way,
Murphy's Law smacks you upside the head and sends you spinning. Think you have your life
planned down to the last letter, that you're set from now to retirement, that you are in total
control of your future?  Wrong!  When terrible things occur and take you by surprise, make
you upset, turn your world upside down, you will know that you are not in control of anything.  
Murphy seems to be.

Losing a loved one by whatever means is the most crushing of losses anyone can suffer.
When a child acts out against social norms and disappoints us, we feel we are failures as
parents. When friends turn their backs on us, we are devastated at their lack of loyalty. When
what we trust as a stable employment suddenly and abruptly ends, we are shaken to the core.

All these things are part of our life's plan. But not OF our plan. Only God knows our life's plan,
and He did from the moment of our conception. We cannot fathom one iota of His goal for us.
In His eyes, we are perfect; and even though we "act out" throughout our entire lives, He still
sees us as His perfect children. He does not cause any hurt in our lives, but since He gave us
a free will to choose our path, we often put ourselves directly in the path of hurts, then
bemoan the fact that they happened.

Learning to cope with hurt and sadness sometimes takes a lifetime. Each time I have been hit
by sadness, disappointment, loss, I have thought, "Please Lord, I don't want to go to that
school again. What is it You want me to learn that I haven't yet?"  But in each case, He did
give me courage to face the trial and survive it. When my son, Richard, and his son, Barrett,
died one year apart, I cried out to God, to my family, to my friends for help to get through the
double heartbreak. I even told my brother that I couldn't make it this time. He told me to be
strong as I had when my youngest child, Paula, was taken from me in a pedestrian accident
many years before.

I must be a slow learner because God allows me to be subjected to continual heartbreaks and
through each one, I have said, "Lord, I know that this is part of my life's plan set by You, and I
know I have fallen short of total compliance with Your will. You will have to get me through this
one, because I simply do not have the strength to do it alone."  And each time, He does.

I fully understand that my children and grandchildren are His gifts to me to have until His plan
is fulfilled for each of us. He owes us no explanation.  And for our peace of mind, He offers us
comfort in His arms and salvation from all hurts, disappointments, shock and trials through
Jesus Christ that we will ultimately be in Heaven with Him where there is no more hurt, no
more disappointments, no tragedies, no Murphy's Law; only His.


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