Suffer The Children
© Betty Sue Eaton
Lacey Peterson, Dru Sjadine, Carlie Bruscia. These are names of beautiful children of God
whose lives have been cut short in their prime recently by the hand of evil men. There is no
reason for their breath to have been stilled, their bodies brutalized in the manner which they
were. The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:34 that "the evil of the day is sufficient thereof", but still
will flourish in the sick hearts of men. Once again, we have witnessed, by television's graphic
pictures the perversion of these wicked and stone cold evildoers as eleven year old Carlie
Bruscia was dragged off to her untimely death.

Having lost not one, but two of my own children, one to a terrible auto-pedestrian accident,
and another to a heartless and unfeeling disease, I cannot imagine the shock and
unfathomable grief in the hearts of Carlie's parents, her family, her church, school and
community. This was a beautiful child whose future was indeed bright and full of promise, as
were Lacey Peterson's and her unborn son, Connor, and Dru Sjadine's as well. Nothing is as
profoundly shattering as that a parent loses a child in an early death by the hand of a monster
like those who have taken these precious lives.

But even as we cry in rage at the unbelievable horror of these deaths, we must also
remember that our instructions from God is to withhold our own judgment from those who
have committed these unspeakable acts. He will tell us over and over in the Scriptures that
judgment is His alone and He will exact punishment of those who have ignored and flaunted
His words.

He tells is that in our imperfect world there will be wars, famine, pestilence, disasters,
tragedies and all manner of indescribable troubles for those who do not follow His teachings.
God rules the entire Universe with an iron hand of unchangeability, yet to us mere mortals,
changes occur every day and we lament them because they have interrupted our way of life.
We wish for constancy in our everyday, and bemoan the unexpected.

We must also remember God's teachings that He alone knows the number of our days, even
as He also knows the number of hairs on our very heads. And ultimately, He alone is directing
the good that is present, but that Satan and his angels are directing that which is not of God's
making. When Lucifer was banished as the chief among angels in the eternal struggle to
overtake God's power in the universe and eternity, he vowed to fight forever to gain control of
all mankind. In certain instances, we can clearly witness Satan's evildoing, as in the cases of
these three beautiful people whose lives have been taken for nothing more than a sick heart
full of evil desire.

My column today is to honor Lacey, Dru, and Carlie and pray for their heartbroken families. I
pray for their healing and for God's arm around them all the days and nights of their pain.
Whether or not the courts of this great land find a just punishment for those who have
committed these murders, God in His word will have the ultimate punishment for them. We
must not allow our hearts to become cold and hardened against God for these unspeakable
acts, but rather pray for the redemption of all who have turned away from His word for their
own salvation's sake.


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