I stand and view the Christmas tree
with its tinsel, lights and bows.
The true depths of my grief
only my Creator truly knows.

Holiday memories of days gone by
now crumble around my feet.
Remembering the love, the joy,
brings memories bitter-sweet.

Then my eye rests high upon
the star atop the tree
and I'm reminded of the reason
that Christmas came to be.

God gave to us the perfect gift:
His Son was born that day.
This gift was wrapped in swaddled clothes
as in the manger He lay.

Mere mortals we are here on earth
but God, with His great Grace
sent His son to ransom us,
and He soon died in our place.

So if we just accept His gift
and place our faith in His Son,
death can never defeat us ~
the victory is won!

Although I miss you greatly
and the memories are bitter-sweet,
I know you're spending Christmas
sitting close at Jesus' feet.

I picture the rapture in your smile
and the glow upon your face
as Jesus smiles upon you
in that most Holy place.

A great warmth grows within my chest
and I feel your joy somehow.
Thank you Jesus, for loving me.
I'm going to be alright now.
©  Ferna Lary Mills
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