Copyright, by Joan Clifton Costner
My Mother's Prayers
I never sat alone, in my pain,
Waiting for help ... waiting in vain.
For, Mama was there with sweet soothing words;
Wisdom to lend, when I finally heard.

Oh, how I love the guidance she gave,
Helping her child to be brave.

My Mother's prayers came from a living heart.
My Mother's prayers help me to stand apart.

Choosing my way in careful deeds,
I stood alone, but not in need.
For, she was there with her Mother's prayer.

Each race I won, Mama was there ...
Cheering me on, saying her prayer.

And when I fell, bleeding and bruised,
I could look up to that face I knew;
Shining with hope, telling me true,
"I'll always be there for you."

My Mother's prayers filled me with hope again.
My Mother's prayers made her my dearest friend.

And in my prayer, I called her name
Again and again. I know the gain.
I'm only here because of Mama's prayers.

My Mother's eyes let His love shine through.
Her deep desires were His wishes, too.

Sometimes at night, when I'm all alone,
I hear a voice, much like my own,
Saying a prayer, making a plea;
Just like my Mom did for me.

My Mother's prayers - hallowed forevermore.
My Mother's prayers - echo from Heaven's shore.
My Mother's prayer I hear again
And say them when my child's in need.

Love's always there - in a Mother's prayer.
Love's always there - in a Mother's prayer.

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