Copyright, by Joan Clifton Costner
The Nursery
In memory of the Oklahoma City bombing
April 19, 1995

They must have been busy in Heaven, that day,
For the Lord said, "A host will come home.
So, get out the banners and trumpets and harps
And line all the cradles with gold.

Call in the most tender, most gentle, serene.
Call all the voices of love.
For, we will all comfort and cherish this day -
The babes in the regions above.

Sing the soft songs, with a lullaby theme.
Touch with the most tender care.
Let gossamer wings surround those babes,
Placed in our nursery, there.

Never a tear, never a sigh,
Shall come to them, ever again,
And they shall grow up (in purity rare)
To watch for their earth-bound friends."

"Let the little ones come to Me and forbid them not,
for of such is the Kingdom of Heaven."
Mark 10:14

"Take heed that you offend not one of these little ones,
for I say unto you that in Heaven their angels
do constantly behold the face of My Father."
Matthew 18:10

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