Copyright, by Joan Clifton Costner
Happy Birthday to an Angel
Happy Birthday to an angel,
Serving God in Heav'n above.
I'm so glad she knew the Father
And Creator of all love.
For, I know my little sister
Lives in sunshine, joy, and peace.
Tears are wiped away, forever,
Happiness will never cease.

Time was speeding, like the lightening.
But, we didn't understand;
When He gave us that sweet baby,
I was just a kid of ten.
I rocked my real, live, dolly
And I sang her child-like songs.
When she got a little older,
She became my tag-a-long.

We watched her growing yearly.
We saw her as a bride.
Then, two darling little babies,
One by one, were by her side.
But, she still was little sister
(Seeming weaker than the rest),
'Til she fought the gallant battle
of life's final toughest test.

For, in sickness, faith is tested.
It's a path for us untrod.
But, she snuggled in, the closer,
To the tireless arms of God.
There, she found her Strength in weakness
Never wavered from His care;
When I reach the gates of Glory,
She'll be waiting for me there!

Such a welcome and homecoming,
I can see it in my mind!
All our loved ones will be with her,
Jesus first and then a line!
What a hallelujah greeting!
(Heaven will be full of noise!)
And, we'll have forever! ... timeless!
Life and love and peace and joy!

I don't know about a birthday there,
where time shall be no more.
So, upon this side of heaven,
I'll repeat it just once more.
"Happy Birthday to an angel
Who has won the victory!"
We're still waiting ... yes, and watching
Jesus blessed face to see!

"The Eternal God is thy refuge -- and underneath are the Everlasting Arms."
Deut. 33:27

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