I had a very dear friend in Texas, lovingly referred to as NoNo, who was retired along with her
husband, Les, to the Lake LBJ area. They developed many affectionate friends in the time
they were there. Then Les became ill with cancer and subsequently died. NoNo found solace
with their many friends who were all bridge players. One by one, they too, sickened and died.

After the 5th one passed away, not including her own mother and step-father, she wrote me a
very depressed letter to the fact that she had not opened her blinds in two weeks. All her
loved ones were dying and she just couldn't cope anymore. She had fallen into a very deep,
dark depression and had become totally immobile, so sick at heart as she was.

It tore my heart out to see my beloved friend so heart broken and sad. I wrote her that all her
friends relied on her to keep them positive and hopeful as they became ill, and comforted and
uplifted when it was apparent they couldn't get better. I also pointed out to her that she had
been the one bright spot in their struggles and placed their very survival for another day in her
being there. And that was reason enough to be thankful that she WAS there, not sad for
herself that they were gone.

Maybe we all are not blessed with such a compassionate heart and manner as NoNo's, but
there are some things and attitudes we can adopt that will give the same kind of hope and
encouragement as she did.

Grieving is hard work; make no mistake about it. Once we get beyond the initial shock of the
death of a loved one, or a separation or divorce in a marriage, we must get down to the
realization that things are not going to change, no matter how much we wish for it. Then, the
true impact of where we are sets in and the real work begins.

God gave us a taste of the best when He gave us our mate, child, friend, or "significant other"
to share our lives and bring joy to our existence. Shouldn't we, then, give Him the best we
have in any situation He chooses to place us in? It is not only normal, but entirely human to
resent the unexpected turn of events wherein we are left without the one we loved and
cherished, but it is totally expected that we should feel shock and disbelief that they are gone.

But if we can believe His promise that we are loved as His children and as such are cared for
in the most beloved way possible, shouldn't we give back in the same measure to Him who,
after all, gave us life on earth as well as life eternal with Him?

Most of us think we have no choice in the way we deal with this loss on the surface. But we
do, in fact, have a choice. We can shutter ourselves behind closed doors, isolate ourselves
from friendships and contacts, and withdraw from interaction with anyone, even as NoNo did.
But is this what God would have wanted of a courageous child of His? I think not. What He
would want us to realize is this: There are others, even among our own peer group, who
sorely need a shoulder, a hand, a hug, just to carry on from day to day, and as we are the
ones who have walked the path that they are headed down at this very minute, can we do no
less? I think not.

So, my fellow travelers down this difficult road of recovery from loss, we must pray and vow
each and every day to serve others who have not yet come to grips with the loss that we all
have suffered and try to make their paths easier as others have tried to make ours.
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
© Betty Sue Eaton
Father, help us to

Keep a prayerful silence
that we may make sense the unspoken emotions
of a broken heart.

Keep a silent ear
that we may hear the unuttered cries
of an injured soul.

Keep a gentle tongue
that we may not add to the load
of a mourner in his pain.

Keep a loving shoulder
ready to accept the tears
of a grieving survivor.

Keep ever-open arms
that we may embrace to encourage
one in grief.

Keep ever in prayer
that our Father will be
ever with us.



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