Life is a journey and like any other, it can be full of turbulence. Where are you in your
journey? If you've lost someone very dear to you, this portion of the trip seems the
equivalent of an airplane ride through a hurricane. No, this isn't the end of the trip, rather
just another part of the journey. And you WILL get through it.

Let me test your imagination skills a moment. Let's say that since life IS a journey, we
compare it to a REAL trip, and see if we can find some tips to make the journey easier.

When you plan a trip, you have some real preparation to do. Most importantly, you have to
decide where you are going. You can't get there if you don't know where THERE is. You
then have to decide how you will get there.

This really requires a ton of TRUST.

We have to trust that the travel agent knew what he was doing and that the place we are
going truly exists and is as great a place as he described it to be so the trip is actually
worth it.

We have to trust in the pilot, that he knows what he's doing, even when the turbulence
threatens to blow the plane out of the sky.

We have to trust that the maker of the airplane knew what he was doing and that the
plane is in good working order and will actually get us there.

Now, what if we could take along our own personal guide who knew the language, the
customs, the terrain, and all of the other important information we will need when we

Could you then sit back and enjoy the ride, even the bumpy parts?

Life is like that, too. Is Heaven your final destination?  I certainly hope so, but don't think
only of the "getting there". You must spend some time enjoying the trip.

Trust that God is your travel agent, your pilot, the maker of your plane and your own
personal Guide.

Trust that He knows what He is doing and that Heaven truly exists and is as great a place
as He described it to be. Believe me. The trip WILL BE worth it!

Trust that God knows in advance all of the problems you will face on your trip, and that He
is in control of your "plane".  He knows there are bumpy parts, periods of extreme
turbulence, and dark skies ahead, but trust that He is the master pilot and not simply the
co-pilot. He is completely in control and will never steer you into storms that He doesn't
believe you can handle with him as your pilot. He also has many beautiful sights for you to
see on your journey and there will still be many sunny days ahead, even though it may
seem dark and stormy right now.

Also, let Him be your own personal Guide. He truly knows everything from the beginning to
the end and from the inside out. Trust in His word as you travel this journey and your trip
will be much easier. Notice I didn't say much "smoother". For He never promised a trip
without turbulence. He only promises that He will guide us through the turbulence and that
we never have to travel alone.

Finally, realize that your loved one who has left this earth has completed the journey.
Although their trip is over, their new life in their new destination has finally begun!  They
know now first-hand that the destination was truly worth it and they await your arrival at
your appointed time, but not one moment sooner.

We grieve over their loss, for we miss them so deeply and their absence has left a great
void in our life. But we must also rejoice that their journey is over and they have found a
new life with God in Heaven in a place unlike any place on this planet.  God tells us that
there is no sorrow, no tears, and no pain in Heaven. Only JOY.  For this reason, we must
be able to find that part within ourselves that can rejoice for them. Yes, even in our grief.

For this reason, we must also make preparations so that our destination is the same, even
though the trip may be long and hard. There is a grand reunion being prepared up there
and you WILL see your loved ones again. In the meantime, be sure to enjoy your trip,
trusting in Him to lead and guide you every step of the way. It''s MUCH more peaceful than
trying to travel alone.
Life is a journey. Enjoy the trip.
©  Ferna Lary Mills
Please be kind enough to read our Copyright Notice prior to
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