It's hard to focus when your
glasses are on backwards.
© Ferna Lary Mills
This has been a trying week for me. With another recent loss in our family, I've been
spending way too much time looking backwards at what I've lost, rather than focusing on
the present at what I have, and the future, at what is to be gained!

This recent loss opened up a lot of the raw soreness of my previous grief that I was not
expecting, and as a result, I found myself sorting through closets, old photographs,
memorabilia, and reminiscing - no, just plain missing - my loved ones.

Finally, I had to sit myself down and give myself a firm reminder that this life is only a
journey. Some of us travel only a short while, others travel much, much longer. But the
destination is the same. My mother traveled for 65 years before she reached her
destination; yet my cousin made the same trip in a mere 13 years. My grandmother is in
her 80th year and who knows how much longer she can weather these old roads?

Yes, this life is a short jaunt in the grand scheme of things, and the bumps in the road
and the pot-holes along the way can be disastrous if we try to travel too fast.  God's
timing is perfect and as long as we can keep our focus on Him, we can expect to arrive at
our final destination in Heaven at the appointed time. Not one second sooner - or later.

It's also much easier if we can keep our focus on the road ahead rather than traveling
with our glasses on backwards, yearning to see what's in the rear view mirror. God
promises a plan for each of us, and His plans are much more grand than anything you or
I could imagine on our own.

It's my prayer that if you are going through the pain and sorrow of grief, please try to
keep a perspective on where you are and where you are going - in the long run.  I didn't
say that's an easy task, but it will help you to get through this painful time.

Life is short. Shorter for some than for others. But God's plan is not to let the end of this
earthly life be the end of us. He promises us much more than that and if we can focus on
the future and the promises He gives us in His scriptures, that we will live eternally,
we can gain a real perspective on our lives here on earth. There are some awesome
truths there. Trust me.

n second thought ...  trust HIM.
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