The Poop Scoop . . .
Why it was invented and how to use it.
© Ferna Lary Mills
Did you ever wonder what events led up to the creation of new inventions or ideas? I imagine
that fire was invented because someone was tired of sushi;  shoes were made because
someone was tired of picking stickers from their feet; and socks were made because they
were tired of the way their shoes smelled. But what about the perverse mind that invented the
Poop Scoop? Think about that for a minute. Someone took the time to create a utensil that
would actually PICK UP POOP! My biggest question is, "WHY?"

It makes sense. Really.  Someone wanted to MOVE THE POOP. For whatever reasons (we
can certainly assume), the poop was something that needed moved - or removed.

What is your poop?

We all have things in our life that need to be moved - or removed.  For some of us, it's
physical.  Maybe it's time we cleaned house and tackled that old box of junque in the attic.
For others, maybe it's the emotional garbage that we're carrying, like old hurts, bitter feelings,
hidden anger and frustration, or unwarranted fears.

Whether physical or emotional, it's time to build our own "poop scoop".  Part of getting on with
life after loss is in putting that life back into perspective. After all, it's a new life - not
necessarily better or worse, but changed.  New in the sense that it's unfamiliar to us, like an
unfamiliar highway we've never traveled. And the best way to get on with that life, is to first
move - or remove all the "poop".

What do you do with it?

I'm not saying a loved ones cherished belongings are all poop. I use the term loosely to
signify anything that may be an obstacle to getting on with your new  life. If it causes you to
dwell longer in your grief, it is something that needs moved - or removed.  Worshipping your
loved ones belongings as gods or creating mausoleums out of their old rooms won't bring
your loved one back. This doesn't mean you should get rid of everything. Just don't worship
things they left behind. Keep the memories and the mementos. Put a few things where
you can see them if those memories can bring you joy.  But move or remove the rest of it.
Move it to a chest or closet, or remove it completely, whichever you are most comfortable

What about mental poop?

Cleaning up emotional baggage is like cleaning house on the inside of the heart, except Lysol
and Clorox won't help.  If your "poop" is emotional, it may require more work. It may mean that
your "poop scoop" may be found in Christian counseling. It takes a skilled professional to
lead you down the road to healing, and preferably one with a Christian background so you
know you are receiving the counseling that God would want you to hear. Another great
resource may simply be a support group found in a church in your area.

There's no shame in needing emotional support or counseling. Especially considering the
emotional roller coaster you've been riding through grief.  The shame is in needing it and
NOT seeking it, letting that emotional "poop" grow and build until you are too emotionally
crippled to live this new life you now face.

Now what?

Once you've "cleaned house", it's time to get re-acquainted. Spend some time getting to know
the new YOU. Discover new things, learn new hobbies, venture out into new areas of your
life. There's a whole new world waiting for you and although it's scary at first, God will never
leave your side, and will never lead you where He cannot protect you. Enjoy the journey!
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