While recently visiting my daughter and son-in-law in their new home, I discovered a small
lemon tree growing in their back yard. I had never seen a lemon tree before and was quite
amazed!  There's an old song that went something like:  the lemon tree is very pretty and
the lemon flower is sweet, but the fruit of the lemon is impossible to eat.

Well, that song never said anything about
thorns!  A lemon tree makes a rosebush look
tame! The thorns are as long as my thumb, yet they are camouflaged in the same green
color as the leaves and branches. If I were a lemon, living among those terroristic thorns, I
would be pretty sour myself!

Defining your lemons:

The lemons in our life may be the little green ones that eat away at our finances, or the
great big yellow ones that are filled with our bitter tears of grief.

My lemons came in all shapes and sizes, and they came all at once. During a mere
18-months, my mother succumbed to cancer, my father died from a heart attack, my
daughter underwent major surgery, and my son became critically ill. Thinking, "What else
could go wrong?", I also ended up going through a divorce during this same period of time.

Sitting on the corner between "walk" and "don't walk", it would have been easy to peer into
the Heavens and shout, "Okay. I give up!" For I had lost both of my parents, my husband,
and nearly lost both of my children. It seemed all I had left was my sanity, and that was in
deep trouble!

Is this a test?

Life is NOT a test.  We don't get do-overs, or practice quizzes, and we aren't graded on a
pass or fail system. Life is life. Bad things happen to good people. Bad things happen to
bad people. Because bad things just happen. But good things happen, too!

God does allow things to happen in our life for a
reason. His reasons. But He doesn't give
us trials as a mere test of our faith. Why should He? He already knows the answers! He
knows us inside and out from the beginning to the end. Why would He give a test to
determine our faith, when He already has the cheat sheets?

Could it be possible that the only purpose for these  "lemons" in our life is not to test our
faith, but to make us
stronger in our faith?

A faith lesson:

When I was going through a particular troublesome time in my life, my mother put her arms
around me and said, "God must surely love you."

I thought that was an awfully peculiar thing for her to say. When I asked what she meant,
she explained, "When things are going good, you seem to put Him on a shelf somewhere.
But when things are going bad, you just seem to crawl right up in His lap. I just meant He
must love you an awful lot to want you in His lap so much."

After contemplating that theory for years, I've determined that my mother was much wiser
than I ever gave her credit. It's amazing now, looking back, that I can see that every crisis in
my life only brought me closer to Him and strengthened my faith that He is in control and
will care for me no matter what comes my way. He always has. He always will.

A lemonology goal?

My goal is to become closer to Jesus in good times, not just in the bad. Although life has its
bumps, He never fails. Though lemons come raining down, He is my shelter. The more I
can know about Him, the better I can handle the ups and downs of my life. Thorns and all.
Please be kind enough to read our Copyright Notice prior to
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When life gives you lemons
become a lemonologist ...
Anyone can make lemonade.
© Ferna Lary Mills


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