Life lessons and why we have them.
©  Ferna Lary Mills
I had a dream that I was in the operating room waiting for the anesthesia to take effect, as the
surgeon stood over me with scalpel in hand. He looked so young. With slurred speech, I
managed to ask, "How old are you?"

He smiled and replied, "Seventeen. Why do you ask?"

In a panic, I blurted out, "And you're a licensed surgeon?"

He grinned and said, "Why, no ma'am. I haven't even graduated high school yet. But don't you
worry. I've got the hang of this, I think."

That's pretty ridiculous, I must admit, but it brings about a very valid point. There is a time and
a season for everything. As a surgeon must complete a certain amount of schooling and
internship in order to qualify to do surgery, so must we complete certain things at certain times
in order to achieve a certain purpose.

My life has been filled with trials, as I'm sure yours has also. But I look back and realize that
with each trial, a valuable life lesson has been learned, even in times of tragedy.  It even
seems that each trial has only served to prepare me for the next one which is usually much
tougher than the last.

I remember when I first began having problems with my son and I was so devastated. Looking
back, those problems seem so minor compared to the problems he and I faced so recently.
Yet, had I been faced with these current problems way back then, I would have been
completely unprepared to deal with them. The prior trials prepared me for trials of today. They
made me much stronger. They  made me re-examine and reaffirm my faith.

It's scary in a way because I begin to think, "What's next?" But I know God's timing is perfect
and with each day, He teaches me new things, new ways to cope, and reminds me that His
strength is sufficient for anything I must go through.

A child in kindergarten cannot understand algebra and biology until he has completed certain
other courses first. It's a learning process. He must first learn basic math and basic science
before proceeding on to harder concepts.

In that same vein, a construction worker cannot grasp the many concepts of aerodynamics
without proper training. Nor can an astronaut understand gene splitting without specialized  

In a sense, life IS a training class. I believe that every day we learn something new, meet
someone new, or see something in a different way that gives us a new concept.  It may not be
a conscious thing and we may go years without ever realizing that in fact we have been
learning.  But the process is continual every day of our life.

One day, I spent some time reflecting back on my trials and wondering what purpose they
served. I wish I could list them all here, but you wouldn't believe I had actually gone through all
of that.  It would read like a bad novel.  In fact, sometimes I have a hard time believing I went
through them either, but I did.  Life has been full of crazy stuff.  Off -the-wall stuff.  Stuff they
don't even make movies about because it's too weird and no one would believe it.

But then I realized that God had a plan for my life, and I began to look back on all my trials as
learning experiences for my great audition. For you see, God wants me to be a witness to
others about His greatness, His strength, His unfailing love, and His faithfulness.  How could I
witness to others on His behalf if I had never witnessed His greatness first hand? How could I
have ever witnessed His qualities, if I had never fully depended on Him?

I would like to think that I would have fully depended on God for all my needs, even if my life
had been worry-free. But I know that's not true. For in my greatest times of weakness, His
greatness was magnified!  In my deepest sorrows did I become so close to him that sometimes
I believed the tears rolling down my cheeks were His very own.

Through each trial, He has never failed me. His is eternally faithful.  He never changes.  Now,
through Rainbow Faith, He has allowed me to tell so many others of His greatness. Rainbow
Faith has been online since late 2000 and the total hits to this website average a little over
300,000 hits per year. I find that fact not just awesome, but quite humbling.

My prayer is that you will come to know Him as your truest friend, for He loves you as much as
He does me and He is there for you every step of the way. Life is hard and there are many
lessons to learn, but He will guide you through each one and give you every ounce of strength
you need to endure.

There is no need for you to face your trials alone, or to go through your grief alone. There is
someone greater than us who is here for you and is only waiting for you to reach out to Him.  I
only know this because I have reached out for Him and He is always there.

God bless you as you travel through your life's storms, learning life lessons and growing in
your faith. Just keep in mind that with God you can never fail. Love him like he loves you, and
share him with everyone you know. We are all in this little pond together, and we never know
how the ripples we make will touch others. Splash! Pray it forward! Encourage others and
reap the blessings that come back to you.


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