Copyright, by Gary Hall
Posted here with author's permission.
The Light of the World
If I could release into the night
the things that trouble me;
the hurt, the pain, the burdened mind ~
it would not set me free.

For I would awake and find these things
have followed me around.
Even in the bottle,
I found troubles can't be drowned.

Sometimes, we think that all these things
have been given for us to bear ...
and if we could run as far as we can,
there is no hope out there.

Sometimes, our mind will trick us
and make us believe it's time to go.
Please don't pull the plug on life.
There is something you must know.

I laid awake and cried in pain.
Oh, how it hurt inside.
Something had a hold of me.
It was the evil of the night.

I ran to every harbor,
looking here and there,
and I found (with desperate searching)
that there was no hope out there.

Then, I looked up into heaven
and said, "Yes, I do believe!
Will you free me from this thing
that is surely destroying me?"

As I spoke, I felt the hair
rise up upon my arm.
A voice so soft, warm, and sweet said,
"Be still, I mean no harm.

I have come to give you hope
and take away all despair.
I have waited all these years
just to answer that outspoken prayer.

Once you lived in sin, My son.
But now, I've set you free.
You must die of all the night
and walk in the light with me."

Jesus came to save me
and He surely set me free.
If I had not called, He could not hear,
and in the dark I would still be.


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