Going Home
It seems like only yesterday when our lives were intertwined,
But, in the twinkling of an eye, you went your way and I went mine.
Though my days were filled with my own life, many times I thought of you,
And though you didn't often say you loved me, deep inside I knew.

I must have crossed your mind a million times,
for I know that you crossed mine.
I wanted desperately to see you but it just
seemed there was never enough time.
I thought the day would never come when it would be too late.
I thought tomorrow would always come and I could afford to wait.

But, time waits for no one, and now we must say good bye.
My brothers try to be strong, my sisters, please don't cry.
For life on earth was full of trials and battles all my own,
But I don't have to fight anymore because now I'm going home.

I will see my mother and father. They will be waiting there for me.
No more heartache, no more pain, how happy I will be.
We have had our time together, good times and all the fun,
But my life is now complete, and my work here is now done.

I know it will be hard for you, but know that I had to leave.
To all of those I dearly loved, please try not to grieve.
I am going to take my place, just over Jordan's tide.
I am going to find rest for my soul just on the other side.

I know I leave you in God's hands for you were placed there long ago.
I know you will be alright because the Father told me so.
I leave you now to take my place in that mansion in the sky.
Remember I'll always be with you. Goodnight. I love you. Good bye.
In Loving Memory of Mr. Anthony (Billy) Smith
Copyright 2003, by Sonya D. Hammond
Posted here with author's permission.


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