A Word
There are times in my life
When things are going bad
When I need mother's shoulder
Or consoling words from dad,
But right now Lord, I'm hurting
And I can't see my way through.
So, what I need right now Lord
Is to hear a word from you.

I haven't slept in days Lord
Because my heart is breaking
And try as I might Lord
I can't stop my soul from aching.
I've tried a million remedies
And none of them will do.
So what I need right now Lord
Is to hear a word from you.

I've seen heartache before Lord
But, this is so hard to bear
For this burden's just too heavy
And I need to know you're there.
Please tell me how to go on
So that I can start life anew.
All I need to stand again Lord
Is to hear a word from you.

I am thankful for all the love
Of my friends and family,
For all they have said and done
And for being there for me.
But there is one thing missing Lord
That can help me make it through.
All I need to feel whole Lord
Is to hear a word from you.

My child I know you're hurting
And I can surely feel your Pain.
So, just lean on me right now
And I'll make you whole again.
Last night I heard your cry
For I was with you all the while.
Don't you know how much I love
And care for you my child?

I'll lift your heavy burdens
Your broken heart I will mend.
I'll be right by your side
to help you stand again.
Don't forget to remember
I'm at your beck and call.
I hear your every cry.
I'll never let you fall.
Copyright 2003, by Sonya D. Hammond
Posted here with author's permission.


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