Copyright by Doris Hooker
Posted here with author's permission.

In Memory of Andrew
Angel Andrew 4EVER4
God created the heavens and the wind in the trees.
He gave us sun in the morning and the big bumble bees.
After all this beauty, God still wasn't through,
So he created an angel, and named him Andrew.

Andrew came to us one day in December,
A small fragile angel we'd always remember.
This little one needed so much just to live.
No one could imagine how much he would give.

This small little Angel showed us a way
To find the joy of living each and every day,
Asking the question, "What is your name?"
Forever our lives were never the same.

A few favorite things this angel had, too,
Like chewing gum, thin mints and cold Mt. Dew,
Pennies in the pockets of his worn overalls,
And rides on a cycle with his loving grandpa.

This Angel named Andrew so loved you could see
By Mommy, Daddy and his whole family.
He thrived and he grew beyond all expectation,
This work of the heart, God's lovely creation.

Then, as God planned, he called Andrew home.
But he promised the family they were never alone.
See, Love is a spirit that grows within you,
As we live every hour, we remember ... Andrew.

Though we can't kiss him or caress his sweet face,
We can still one day see him in a beautiful place,
Where all children are happy and angels abound ~
This is where our little Andrew is found.

Living on Earth just won't be the same
Without our little Angel, Andrew is his name.
Someday we will find him, when it's our name God calls ~
We will see our Angel with pennies
in the pockets of his worn overalls.

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