Audria Eunice Vernon O'Dell
October 20, 1913 - August 15, 2005
She was called by many names: Audria, Audrey, Mrs. O'Dell, Mom, Grandma, Meemaw, and by her
tiniest grandson, even "Bobah". But all these names meant the same thing:  Great and wonderful.

Audria was born in Leon, Oklahoma to Polly and Francis Vernon. She married Clarence O'Dell on
April 25, 1933 and together they raised two daughters and three sons through some very difficult

She was first and foremost a homemaker, putting her family first in all things, second only to her faith
in the Lord. She raised her children in a Christian home and was always actively involved in her
church, including pianist for church services.

Mr. & Mrs. O'Dell lived in West Texas for over 60 years. She retired from Wacker's Variety Store, and
was a charter member of the Monahans Women's Bowling Association where she served as
secretary for many years. She loved to bowl and had many trophies, but her greatest love was for her
family. Although they don't give trophies for that here on this earth, I'm sure those trophies now fill her
heavenly home!

She spent 91 years on this earth and although she faced adversity many times, she always remained
steadfast in her faith. From survival in the Great Depression to the oil booms and busts of West
Texas, from miscarriages, to the loss of so many of her loved ones, she remained faithful to the Lord.
She also faced breast cancer twice and survived, both physically and with her faith still strongly intact.

When you live to be 91 years old, you live to see death many times over in your life. She lost her
parents, one son, a daughter, three granddaughters, her husband, brothers and sisters, and so many
others. But for Audria, each loss was met with a solid faith in God, knowing where her loved ones had
gone and certain that there will be a reunion again one day.

Our loss is great now, in her absence. But we will hang on to that wonderful faith she left us, knowing
we WILL see her again one day. For now, we know she is reunited with all those loved ones she had
missed for so many of her years, as she waits for us to join her one day. Then our circle will be
complete. Theirs already is.

                                       Mom, Grandma, Meemaw, Bobah, Audrey,
                                                 you are always in our hearts.
Angel placed here by grandkids in memory of Grandma.
Flowers and butterflies for
Flowers left by Jim and Gwen O'Dell.
Flowers left by Baylee and Evan Creech.
Angel placed here by Sara and Greg.


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