Denise Wilcox and Family

Denise Lenora Wilcox
April 4, 1954 ~ May 10, 1986

Kevin Wayne Wilcox
Apr. 30, 1958 ~ Dec. 24, 1985

Danny Taylor
Dec. 17, 1974 ~ Dec. 24, 1985

Joe Dean "Jody" Wilcox
Jan. 7, 1980 ~ Dec. 24, 1985
Of all my many blessings, I always counted you twice. We were closer than sisters. When God
brought you into my life, we became best "forever" friends. We complimented each other; my faults
made lesser by your strengths; and vice versa.

In our youth, we were inseparable. Even though the miles took us far away from each other
physically, I always carried you in my heart, knowing you were but a phone call away. Never, did I
ever dream that you would go "home" so soon.

Violent tragedy is so hard to understand and I've often questioned God, "Why?" Some would say your
family was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some would say, it was just your time. Other's
would just weep with me as we bowed our heads in despair. There is no understanding to be had on
this earth as to why God took you, your husband, and your two beautiful children so soon; nor why it
was such the tragedy as it was.

In all my sorrow, I remember this one thing:  you lived. Although it seems like such a short time on this
earth, you lived, loved, laughed, and dreamed. You held the love of Christ in your heart as tenderly
as you held your two babies to your breast.

God's answers are sometimes elusive and I will never understand the "Why's" as long as I'm still here
and you're up there. But I know in my heart that you are with your husband and your children again,
in a place where there is no pain and no more sorrow. As much as you are missed down here, I know
there will come a time when we will meet again. Then, we will truly be "forever" friends, for all eternity.
Missing You

For thirteen years I knew you not
and God said, "This won't do."
He looked around and said, "It's time."
And then He sent me you!

Nearly twenty years went by.
Oh, how the time did fly.
Then suddenly, He called you home.
I never said "Good bye."

Thank you for the good times,
even though those days are gone.
The memories we two have shared
I'll cherish from now on.
Candle lit in memory of Denise and Kevin.
Candle lit in memory of Danny and Jody.
Forever Friends!
Angel placed here in their memory.


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