Melinda Elaine Daniel
August 30, 1980 ~ March 21, 2006
Melinda Elaine Daniel was born a healthy 6 lb. 8 oz. girl on August 30th,1988 In Neosho, Missouri.
She lived a good life filled with much joy and happiness. She loved her family very much and was a
good devoted friend. She filled all our lives hearts with such love and joy. Her life was cut short at
just the age of 17. She has been given countless miracles from God above. She is the strongest
person I know and she never gave up. She was the type of person that everyone loved and she
made fast friends with new acquaintances.

Making people smile and laugh was something she loved. She cared about everyone and was
friends with so many different people. Even after the accident she continued to touch lives. So many
care about her and she cared about so many. She was a perfect Daughter, Sister, and Friend. The
last 9 years have been a long and hard journey for her, and it has been filled with many Joys,
Triumphs, and Sadness. But she never failed to touch the hearts of so many.

I’ll never forget her smile. Her kisses she would give me before bed; the looks she would give
me when I touched her face with ice; how she would wait for me and mom to get home from school
and work. She was so beautiful, even down to the last second of her life. She taught us all
something, whether it be how to love yourself, others, or life. Not to be scared, that God is with us,
when we laugh he laughs, when we cry, he cries, when we feel lonely or hopeless, so does he. I'll
never forget when she taught me to swing by myself, to tie my shoes, ride my bike and so much
more. We used to love to play superman. Even though mom was scared to death one of us would
get hurt. She was not just a big sister but my best friend. We shared so many secrets, laughs, cry's,
and yes even fights.

I look forward to the day I get to here her sing again, see her beautiful smile and to have her say "I
love you Bubby". I know she is Looking down at us right now thinking "I'm Ok". She is still alive now.
Alive in Christ and in our hearts. Her smile will be with us forever. It makes me happy to know that
when I take my last breath on this earth, she will be there to take me home. Her Love for Life, for her
family and friends will radiate for generations to come.

Please, remember her by her smile, her laugh, her voice, her sense of humor, her love, and her
legacy. She will live on in Our hearts and memories. Now when you go out and feel the sun shining
down on you, remember: she is looking down from Heaven above smiling, laughing, and singing.
Sissy you have your wings now, so Fly, Fly as far as the eye can see. I LOVE YOU. From my mother
and I, we would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone that has helped us through the
years and to Sissy's friends who helped to put this all together.
I Wish This Was A Dream
Why Is God So Mean
Gone From This Life Forever
To Come Back Never
I Miss Her and Love Her So
Why Did She Have To Go
This World Is So Cruel
Is Life Just One Big School
She Will Always Be My Best Friend
All The Way To The End
My Loving Big Sister
Oh, God How I Miss Her
She Taught Me So Much
And We Fought a Bunch
But Was Always There
She Acted Like A Bear
When Others Tried To Hurt Me
Or When They Threw Dirt At Me
She Was My Protector
Her Love Was Like Nectar
As She Passed Over
I Told Her
" Love You Sissy"
Now Go Be With Prissy
I Held Her Hand
It Feels As Though I Am In Quick Sand
Sinking To The Bottom
A Prisoner In Sodom
The Smile On Her Face
Gave Her Such Grace
She Looked So Pretty
We Were In The City
They Took Her Away
As We Cry On That Sad, Sad Day
The Funeral Was Soon
One Hour Past Noon
She Was Laid To Rest
Looking Her Best
In A Burgundy Gown
Not Wearing A Frown
But A Soft Smile On Her Face
Life Is Not A Race
To See Who Gets To The End
But Death Is Just Around The Bend
I'll Always Look Up To Her
No Matter What Happens
She Is Lying In Peace Now
Only Another Deceased Now
The Love Of Her Heart
Won't Keep Us Apart
It Holds Us Together
Through This Rough Weather
It Keeps Us All Going
No Matter How Difficult It Is.
"I Love You Sissy"
In Memory of
Melinda Elaine Daniel


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