Candace A. Araujo
April 23, 1962 ~ January 17, 2006
Candy was a caring daughter, dedicated wife, loving mother, and greatest friend. She was also one of
the bravest people I have ever come to know.

Candy was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. During her three month hospital stay, she was
also diagnosed just before Thanksgiving, 2005 with three masses to the brain. Working at the
hospital, I became close to her and we quickly became friends.

Her family consisted of her mother, husband, nineteen year old daughter, and thirteen year old son.
Her family meant so much to her and she wanted nothing more than to just go home to be with them,
it's all she ever talked about. Candy was unable to join her family at home for Christmas because she
became very ill so they brought Christmas to her. Her hospital room had a four foot artificial tree which
nurses and nursing assistants would bring in ornaments to decorate.

On New Year's eve, her strength began to return as well as her energy. We began to feel she was
going to beat this and plans were made for her to return home. We made plans to visit each other and
looked forward to the spring. On January 16, 2006, she finally got her wish to go home. I was running
late that day and only had a few minutes to say hello, and told her I would see her later.

Candy went home about 5:15 that evening, I was happy and also worried for her at the same time.  
Sadly, less than three hours later, she was brought back by ambulance to the hospital and passed
away shortly after midnight, January 17, 2006.

She loved cooking, gardening, and traveling. I miss her dearly and am proud to call her my friend.
A Wish For Candy

Everyone said you fought the good fight,
you're the bravest person they knew,
the strength you had was never ending,
I agree because I shared it all with you.
Our late night talks meant most to me,
because it was just us,
you shared with me, through your tears,
your fears and anxieties.
I would search for the right thing to say,
to put your mind at rest,
now I know it wasn't what I said,
it was just that I was there.
How proud of you, I'd always say,
and take one day at a time,
with a hug good night,
and the promise of a better day.
"You are never far from my thoughts",
through my own tears I would smile,
and with a wink from you, "We'll fight this",
was always your reply.
Until that Tuesday morning,
in the early hours the phone would ring,
the night before things changed forever,
the plans we made would never be.
Not a day goes by you're not in my thoughts,
and on your birthday,
I will light a candle,
and make a wish,
a wish I will keep in my heart,
and only share with you.
I still miss you.
Flowers left by Betty.


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