Jaime Martinez, Jr.
April 13, 1977 ~ January 4, 2004

Finding My Way
The newness of the pain fills my todays and tomorrows,
the loss of a child must be the most painful of all sorrows.
I struggle to find the strength to face another day,
I look at pictures, remember his face, fall on my knees and pray.

I hear the same question over and over in my mind: Why?
I hide my face in my pillow, think of my son, heart breaking as I cry.
I search for answer from books as well as from God above.
I try to reach out to friends, for comfort and for love.

My arms once held this wonderful little boy,
Oh, what I wouldn't give for just a few more seconds of joy.
How could I have known that he would leave before me?
This just isn't the way LIFE is suppose to be.

I will keep working through this new experience of grief.
He will always be my sunshine, though his life was too brief.
I don't know how long this journey could last,
I try to look to the future, but long to stay in my past.

As time goes on I pray the pain will become familiar to me
until I can join my son Jaime, for all eternity.

We miss you so much, if you are looking down at us I pray you know how much
we love and miss you.  My life will never be the same. It's been two years but it
still feels like yesterday when the detective came to my work place and gave me
the news, that you were in a car accident and you were no longer with us.

I pray you are in Heaven. That's all I want.
That God has you in his Heavenly home and that
we will meet again one day.


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