Melinda Kathryn Shoffner
May 21, 2000 ~ May 21, 2000
Melinda Kathryn Shoffner was a light that shined ever so brightly. That light guides me through the
darkest of days and the longest of nights.  

Melinda was a spirit of great friendship and love.  She cared about her family and loved her
friends.  She protected those who were closest to her.

She had a very lively, witty sense of humor.  She was very talented and creative.  Her art work was
impressive and endeared her to others around her.

Even though she will never be here with me and her father physically, in my heart she has lived. In
my heart, the three of us will always be together.

Melinda, you mean everything to me.

I am sorry you couldn't be here with us.  Your leaving has left a void in our lives that can never be
filled.  You will be missed by your mom and dad and all those that would have known you.  Your
love of life and great friendship would have touched so many lives. You came into my life and left
too quickly.

I will miss everything that your life would have brought to your mine.  Your father has lost the
daughter he needed.

You are not only my daughter, Melinda, but you're my hero.  You would have never disappointed

                                     I love you more than you'll ever know, Melinda.
                                  I will wait until I can wait no longer to see you again.      
                                                                 Love always,
Melinda and Her Daddy

Their special bond was immediate upon birth.
When he looked at her,
he saw that part of himself that was missing.
She had his eyes, smile and laugh.
He was never more grateful and proud
than when he first laid eyes on her.
Her adoration was complete
from the moment she called him Daddy.
He loved and protected her
to keep her safe and warm.
It was always Melinda and her Daddy.
She watched him play many baseball games.
She loved fishing trips and family cookouts.
She was always the first to run up to him
after he came home each day.
She will never dance with him at her wedding.
She will never carry his grandchildren .
Their bond is forever lost.
It was always Melinda and her Daddy.
~ Leslie Shoffner
(Melinda's Mom)


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