Robert "Bobby" Edward McDaniel
December 5, 1968 ~ June 30, 2006
Bobby, I'll never understand what happened.
You were always so full of life and so full of energy.
You were my only brother...
I was your big sister...
I am so very sorry I wasn't there to help you...

I wish that I could just stop time and rewind
back to the day the devil entered into your soul
and convinced you that your life was of no true value.

The pain of all those that love you will forever live on in us all.
Your pain no longer exists, as I know that you are now
resting in eternal peace up in heaven with all the angels...

When I feel the wind gently on my skin,
I know that it is you letting me know
to smile and to be happy again...

Mom misses you so much...
and has so much guilt also for
not being with you on that tragic morning...
Mom's aren't supposed to bury their sons...

I pray that when my life is over here on earth
that you shall be there waiting to greet me
and that we will be re-united
together with Grandpa and Grandma...

I forgive you, Bobby, for what you have done...
I know that you are no longer suffering in your dark world
where you lived for the last 5 months of your life.  

Janeth is missing you so greatly...
She loved you in a way no other person
or woman could have loved a man...
She married you for better and for worse...
She forgives you...

Terri, our sister, forgives you
and loves you so much, too...

Bobby, I pray that God was waiting
with his gates wide open
for you to enter his kingdom of eternal peace and eternal life...
I will see you when my life here on earth is over
and I enter my life after death destination...

We all shall forever love you, my brother...



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