Nicole AnnMarie Zilka
November 11, 1981 ~ August 8, 2003
Nicole AnnMarie Zilka went home to God on August 8, 2003, in Orlando, Florida. Nikki was born
on November 11, 1981, in Savannah, GA. She was named for her mother, Deborah Ann Zilka,
maternal grandmother Barbara Ann Hosler (Wright), her great grandmother Jessie Marie Wright
(Whitten), and great-great-grandmother Annie Whitten  (Sutton). Nikki was Blessed in the
Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She was a student at Edgewater High

Survivors include her parents, William "Bill" and Deborah "Debbie" Zilka; siblings, Timothy George
Hosler, Collin Cris Korf II, and Michele Garnett Zilka; great-grandparents Chum and Nelda Wells of
Ft. Myers; grandparents Leonard and Garnet Zilka of Romulus, MI and George and Babs Hosler of
Ft. Myers; uncles, Chip Patrick Hosler and Kerry Stephen Zilka; aunts Donna Lynn Hosler,
Shannon Diane Hosler, Kelly Stafford (Hosler), Shelly Lewis (Hosler), and Sharon Lee Gasiorek
(Zilka); and numerous great aunts and great uncles and cousins of a very large and close loving
family, too numerous to name individually.

Nikki was a miracle from beginning to end and she was what we call "One of God's special  
children."  She will always be loved and remembered  by each and every one of us. A sudden
seizure took her unexpectedly but we take comfort in the thought that it was God's will she return
to him and she felt no pain or fear in her passing.

Below is a poem I started the day after her passing and was finished soon after. It has since then
been published in a book of poetry written by various poets. The words I wrote are how I try to look
at her life. The second poem was written recently to express how I feel we are still linked by our
love. And the last poem, I believe she wrote through me, for me and for other grieving parents. I
truly believe nothing happens without a reason and find it amazing that through this loss I have
found a talent I didn't realize I had as I have continued to write many poems of which most were
inspired by her. I also take comfort in the many signs I have received and continue to receive that
she is still with me and  always will be. These signs reaffirm my belief that her life did not truly end
that day. It began anew. She was reborn with God that day and we will have a joyous reunion
when my time comes.
My Beautiful Miracle

To Nicole, who's life was a true miracle.

Her life a beautiful miracle from beginning to end.
And she lived that life as God did intend.
Teaching lessons to all she ever came near.
Of love and compassion and how to persevere.
She never gave up, no matter how hard the task.
And she was generous to all of anything asked.
Ever was she cheerful and so easily pleased.
She loved music, tacos, and especially Christmas trees.
Going places, video games and hot-dogs as well.
These things she loved and to all she would tell.
Her heart was so tender and she was easy to hurt.
It didn't take much, just a simple harsh word.
She was patient yet stubborn and determined too.
All of these qualities she showed to all she knew.
She taught us so much that we will never forget.
And somehow I doubt the lessons are over quite yet.
Her earthly body may now truly be gone.
But somehow I know her spirit lives on.

© December, 2003, Deborah A. Zilka
This was written in memory of my daughter.
She was born 1 lb. 13 oz. and lived 21 inspiring years.
Chain of Love

To My Darling Angel Nicole

You now reside in Heaven.
So near and yet so far.
I can talk to you day and night
and listen with my heart.
Even though you've traveled on
to live with God above.
You are safe and still with me.
We are linked by a Chain of Love.

© June 12, 2006, Deborah A. Zilka
A Letter From Your
Children In Heaven

To Grieving Parents Everywhere

I'm writing this letter from heaven
to grieving parents everywhere.
Your Angels are right here beside me.
We've words with you we want to share.
We're sorry we had to leave you.
We love you more than words can say.
Please know we really haven't gone that far.
Yes, we're with you still each night and day.

We also want to say Thank-you,
for what you did in life for us.
We really are fine and happy here,
on that you may quite truly trust.
We know you'll still have your bad days,
and you'll cry because you miss us so.
We'll take each tear and make raindrops,
and with them we'll make flowers grow.

So Mom, to you on Mother's Day,
a kiss I'll place upon your cheek.
And Dad, with you on Father's Day,
together, adventures we will seek.
Yes, we are with you on all holidays.
Not one or some but really all.
We're together with you all seasons.
Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.

Please remember us with joy and laughter,
this request we ask of all of you.
And tell all the rest of our loved ones,
that we love them and are with them too.
Yes, we love you all so dearly,
and this we will eternally
And one day right here in Heaven,
together we will spend eternity.

© August 5, 2006, Deborah A. Zilka
These words came to me as if my daughter was saying them.
So I give credit for it to my Angel in Heaven, Nicole A. Zilka.
I, as Nicole's Mother, light this candle in her wonderful  memory. ~ Deborah A. Zilka
I leave this rose for Nicole in memory of the many signs she has sent me that she is still with me and  will always be, as well as the wonderful Love we shared.~ Deborah A. Zilka


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