In Loving Memory of
Kinsey Hobbs Curtis
and her infant son
Brayden Michael Curtis
Kinsey Samantha Hobbs was born on April 30, 1986.  She was a beautiful baby who grew
into a beautiful young woman.  Kinsey was blessed with beauty, talent, and intelligence.  
She excelled at everything she attempted.  She was her parents pride and joy and loved
dearly by an older brother, Jared.

Kinsey was kind, caring and giving.  She always rooted for the underdog.  She loved
children and always wanted to have her own.  She aspired to be a teacher, but after a year
of college, she married Mike, whom she loved very much, and became Kinsey Hobbs
Curtis.  They were looking forward to the birth of their son when Kinsey became ill.  What
started out as "just a virus", disseminated throughout her body, and on August 27, 2006,
she passed away.  The day before her death, Kinsey delivered her son, Brayden at 30
weeks.  Although it was possible for Brayden to survive at 30 weeks, his oxygen and blood
had been cut off as Kinsey's health deteriorated, and he was stillborn.  We were all
shocked, angry, and heartbroken.  Kinsey was so happy and had so much to live for.

Kinsey, you always wanted to be a mother.  I can only believe that you are holding your
precious son (and my grandson) in heaven.  Not a minute of the day passes that I don't
think of you and long to see your smile, hear your voice, and put my arms around you.  I
know you know that I loved you, but you could never, ever possibly know how much.  We
had an indescribable bond.  We could finish each other's sentences.  We all miss you.  Life
will never be the same without you, my darling daughter.

Your biggest fan,



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