Armando Gonzalez
January 23, 1925 ~ October 13, 2006
Born in Esperanza, Cuba, he died at his home in Miami, Florida after  a long battle with Alzheimer's
Disease. With much gratitude to all the Hospice nurses and doctors who helped him pass from here to
Jesus' loving arms.  We were married thirty-six years. Together we were truly blessed with four
children: Kenneth, Deana, Dana, and David, and seven grandchildren. He also leaves behind two
sisters Aida and Ada.

Though the illness robbed him of his memory, his love for Jesus was always in his heart.  When we
went to church and they would sing "How Great Thou Art", he would cry.  Nothing could rob him of that
deep love he felt for Jesus.  Life without him is very empty. I now count every day I complete as one
day closer to seeing him again.  There will be no more tears there because there will be forever.  
Armando was a very affectionate loving man.  He loved to walk by my side holding my hand and
admiring the beautiful flowers and trees God has made. Always worshiped me and called me beautiful,
even when I didn't feel worthy or beautiful. He was my hero. He was my best friend. He was my soul
mate. I could always count on him through good times and bad times. He was the perfect example of
what a husband, father and grandfather ought to be... always gentle, always loving.  He always put his
family and their needs above his. He gave his love abundantly.

I will miss you always darling, and I will love you forever. Save a spot for me at the dinner table.
Until we meet again.
I Did Not Die

In life we're never quite ready
to say that last "Goodbye",
so listen now as I state the truth:
I've changed, but I did not die!

I don't need that tired, worn body
for I've changed like the butterfly.
And now I'm in my Heavenly home
~ that wondrous place in the sky!

Jesus was faithful in His promise
and He promised I would live again.
My Joy has now been made complete
and my Peace, you can’t understand.

So, don't stand at my grave and weep.
Instead, wipe that tear from your eye
and know how much I still love you.
Know in your heart I did not die!

Copyright 2002, Ferna Lary Mills
Used with author's permission.


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