Eric Rahn Bradford
May 2, 1978 ~ July 6, 2007
This is for my son Eric Rahn Bradford who is dearly loved and missed.  Eric  was born on May
2, 1978 and passed away July 6, 2007. Eric was born premature and fought for life from the first
moment. I was only 17 when he was born and had a hard time dealing with all the challenges
God had given him. Eric was born  the most perfect baby a mom could want, then at one week
old the main blood vessel to his brain busted. From this outcome we were told that he had
Cerebral Palsy, had seizures, he was partially blind. Eric could not  walk, sit up, or feed himself.
My parents took him and raised him until he was 27, then he came to live with me and my family.
Eric was a very precious child who always had a smile on his face even when his little body was
in so much pain.

Eric went through numerous surgery's to try to take some pain away. He eventually got Scoliosis
and it just twisted his little body so. Everyone that met Eric fell in love with him. He loved going
to church, when they would announce birthdays and started singing Happy Birthday he always
thought it was for him and his little arms would fly into the air. He loved church music and he
would make his little sounds to the songs, it was so amazing that he could know the songs from
the first beat. He enjoyed traveling, listening to music and playing with his musical toys.
He graduated from school at the age of 22 and was pushed across the stage in his wheelchair
to receive his diploma which was such a great accomplishment. He loved going to school and
riding the school bus. Eric spent the first 28 days of his life in the hospital and spent his last 29
days in the hospital before we brought him home. He was given 24-48 hours to live but he lived
one more week. He was so hard  trying to make it to his grandparents 50th wedding
anniversary and for the family reunion, but God had other plans and called him home one week
too early. He knew that Eric was tired and he had his home finished for him. Eric passed away
with his family by his side as we watched him slip away into God's Loving Hands to receive his
wings and walk the streets of gold.

Eric looks down on us and tells us that he is whole now and is doing things in heaven that he
could not do on earth. Eric we love and miss you very deeply.  We will meet again one day and
be reunited.

Love mom, dad, grandma and grandpa
Eric was an angel,
I knew it from the start.
He blessed us with his presence
and even more so with his heart.
Sometimes I wondered how he felt,
but Grandma always knew.
He loved his grandparents very much
and his Momma and Daddy Leo, too.
Those that
barely knew him,
he'd really, really touch.
But those that
really knew him
loved Eric very, very much.
The day God came to take him home,
we cried and were in pain.
But Eric looked down and whispered,
"I'm playing in the rain."
"Don't cry for me," I knew he'd say
"I'm in a better place!"
"And when God gives me
my wings
I'll beat you in that race!
But when you feel sad and lonely
get on your knees and pray
because I'll wrap you in my wings
when you don't know what to say."
I know we feel lost without him
but I know what Eric would say.
"I lived a long and happy life
please don't make me stay.
One day we'll all meet again,
maybe sooner than we think.
But just remember,
and I'll be standing here waiting
with my wings!"

Written by AMY


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