Destiny Rose Marie Cox
January 23, 2008 ~ April 29, 2011

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Destiny was a beautiful baby girl with strawberry blond hair that turned blond as could be as she got older. She
had the brightest blue eyes with the biggest loving smile. Our son Davey was her proud Daddy and doted on her
every move. Their smiles were identical. Our son’s smile has now been taken away. His sweet baby girl was
murdered by a violent act of Child Abuse at the home of her mother and her mother’s boyfriend while her mother
was at work.

She was a happy little girl. Very good natured. Always smiling and loving on those she loved. Destiny was loved
by so many. Her memory will remain in our hearts and through web sites like this maybe we can bring to light a
horrible tragedy that happens on a daily basis. More people need to report any and all suspicions of abuse.
Staying silent just may cause another innocent victim to become an Angel too soon.
I know our baby girl is safe in the arms of Jesus with no memory of the pain and
suffering she had to endure here on Earth. If the monster who did this to her is not
convicted and sentenced to a life in prison and we do not get Justice for her, I am
sure that God will serve our true Justice for Destiny. My heart aches every single
day. It’s like a nightmare that will not end. The only peace I have is I know Jesus is
cradling her in his loving arms until I meet her at the pearly gates of Heaven
and we are reunited once again. ~ Sandra Cox
Destiny, My Unfinished Song
by Sandra Cox, Destiny's Grandmother

The day that you were born I felt so much joy
A love so strong that absolutely nothing could destroy
You were like a ray of sunshine from the very start
The love you had to give could melt any heart
As you grew bigger so did our love for you
You had a smile so big and you loved us back too
There sadly came a time that we seen you less and less
It caused my heart to feel such a heartbreaking distress
The desire to see you to give you all of our love
was so deeply intense its difficult to speak of
Then the day came we had a weekend full of fun
Our memories from that special day can not be undone
One of the happiest times we got to spend with you
tons of pictures, hugs and kisses and a lot of I love you's
Then it was awhile before we seen you again
The next time your leg was broken, my mind difficult to maintain
Then next we hear of your tiny broken arm
I hoped it was not true you had come to more harm
My heart knew the story sounded so very wrong
Reported it was and we tried to remain strong
The next thing we hear is you are on life support
They were taking you off, your life was to be cut short
We rushed home traveling so fast through several states
to only arrive with such pain from what awaits
I touched you, caressed you and whispered my love
with my tears streaming down while cursing the Heavens above
It did not feel real it was as if in a dream
a nightmare I’m unable to wake from with a tortured scream
Your funeral is surreal with memories of gut-wrenching cries
I felt such a need for vengeance my heart full of despise
Almost a year later I can’t say much has changed
My mind is scattered and I feel I must be deranged
I just want to hold you and feel your loving embrace
but suddenly I’m filled with such amazing grace
I’m filled with knowing you’re an Angel of God above
You feel nothing but the grace and glory of his love
Not many are guaranteed a place filled with majestic serenity
I now am filled with peace in my heart of the identity
the identity of the most loving compassionate man alive
I knew then that I would surely survive
For surely he seen your life filled with pain
and decided to come and take you home again
In his arms you are safe from abuse given without thought
safe from the violence and that is what Jesus sought
So from here on out I will try to remain strong
even though your death has left me with an unfinished song
A song that should have been filled with a lifetime of love
memories made that we can no longer speak of
I trust God has a purpose, things preordained
I have to have faith in things unexplained
My unfinished song, a melody written with nothing but pain
of my love for a child so brutally slain
You will always be my angel, my strength within
My determination to bring an end to this evil sin
I will be your voice and speak out among them all
and when I cant walk I will force myself to crawl
Laws will be changed, Justice will be served
With that, your memory will live on, it will be preserved

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