Eugene Allen Honaker
November 7, 1975 ~ May 19, 2007
I dreamed I was looking through an open window
Just as far as I could see
I saw you standing on the streets of Heaven
And you were looking back at me.
And then I dreamed the window opened
and I could walk through .
At first I was afraid to enter,
But then I knew I was entering Heaven
I was going to be with you.
I walked down a long dusty road,
so dusty I couldn't see.
But then I saw a beautiful light
and you stood there before me.
I couldn't believe my eyes
you were truly here .
No more pain on your face,
no more tears or fear.
We walked slowly together,
you reached out and took my hand
First you took me to meet Jesus,
then we walked the promise land .
We strolled the streets together
like I thought we would.
And every where I looked
a beautiful Angel stood
They wore robes of gold and silver,
and snowy white wings .
Then we sat down by the river
to listen as they sang.
I looked at you so happily
sitting there with me.
And I realized your soul
and spirit had been set free .
That pain that you suffered
was now all gone.
And you were happy here
in Heaven, your new home.
That smile on your face
was as beautiful as it could be .
Your blue eyes sparkled
as you stood and looked at me.
You took my hand so softly
and said you love me so
I knew my dream was ending
and soon I must go .

Now I stand at that open window and look
As far as my eyes can see.
I wipe my tears away and smile.
I know you"re on the Golden Streets of Heaven
Looking back at me .

We love you Allen
The Open Window
by Eunice Dikmen


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