A Celebration of Daphne's Life
by Jennifer Laybutt

Daphne, Mum, was one of the loveliest people who ever lived. She always gave freely putting others
before herself. She was caring and loving with a friendly hand. She always made sure everyone else
was well fed before herself. She gave up things herself so that others could be filled and not lack

She was so friendly and kind. She had a bubbly sweet personality you could not help but love. She
remembered special things and always did kind things to make people happy and feel better. She
always lifted you up if you felt down. She was encouraging and caring, full of joy and grace.

She always went out of her way to do things to help people. She was a great comforter and knew
exactly the right words to say and what to do in all times of need. She was bright, intelligent, sweet
and loving. She did everything possible to make sure one had everything one needed in the way of
food, clothing and home comforts. She had a knack of knowing how to make people better and to
cheer them up with her lovely cheery disposition.

A loving mother is one of the greatest treasures one can ever have, and one should treasure their
mother deeply and repay as much as one can for all the wonderful things that a mother does.

Daphne laughed and cried with one like a mother, shared joys and sorrows along life's pathway. She
was always there making sure all was well. She could fix up any situation with her wonderful special
mothers touch.

A mother gives one some of the most precious of life's moments. She was there when I took my first
step. She introduced me to all the wonders of the world, the beauty of the garden, of sunrises and
sunsets. One could bask content in the warmth of her wonderful love and feel totally at peace with
the world and all around. She helped me learn the joys of life and was always very good at giving
advice. She was always there when I needed her. She was a wonderful companion and friend and
lovely to talk to. Many a wonderful moment was shared in deep conversation with her. She would
always be there for you, nothing denying.

She taught me so much that I treasure to this day. Her thoughtful kindness will always remain
imprinted on my heart. Her beautiful memory will never depart. Her garden of beauty forever remains,
the flowers that she tended will always keep blooming. Her voice gently echoes through the
whispering breeze. Her sweet memory will never, never leave, but remain to comfort throughout the

Her memory will remain, like a beautiful perfume. At will I can recall her memories sweet with all her
caring loving feats.

Mum I will remember you forever more, your life full of giving as a treasure so sweet.

December 2006 ~ January 2007

In 2006 Mum had been getting on ok, better than in 2004 and 2005. She was walking more sprightly
and had recovered from a serious illness from 2003. The last three years I, the daughter Jennifer,
have been going up to Coffs Harbour once every month or two for a couple of days. Last November
when I visited, she seemed quite well, going for long walks, etc. Luckily I got to spend 3-1/2 lovely
days with her over Christmas. She was fine for those days apart from feeling a bit dizzy one day.

The day before she became seriously ill she was fine. We had been to the park and had a nice talk
and everything. She had been eating well and insisted on preparing vegetables for tea and shifted
some things around the house. Suddenly, three days after Christmas, she woke up in the middle of
the night and told my father she had a very bad headache and felt bilious. An hour later dad called
an ambulance and we went into hospital emergency department after her.

At first they said she had a possible stroke, but were not sure and nothing came up on the CT scan.
She could move a bit but not stand up and could still talk slowly. Twenty hours later she improved a
bit; she took the fork out of my hand and fed herself dinner of vegetables and quiche, asking for
more. They said they would put her into the short term medical unit and that she may be home in a
few days.

The next day the nurses were not sure she was swallowing properly so put her on the drip and "nil
by mouth". When the doctor came around, she could still move but weaker than the day before. The
doctor was talking about possible physiotherapy and speech therapy later on. Then she sat up and
pointed and spoke something. (She wanted to go to the bathroom).

The nurses were very slow coming so dad and I tried to help her, then the nurses came rushing in
and helped her. After that she lay down and fell asleep and went into a coma and only lasted 5 more
days. My father, brother and myself all sat by he bedside from 9am - 9pm every day. I was with her
right to the end.

The nurses had put up a folding bed in her room and Dad had stayed overnight there for three days
and nights. He had been sitting up all that time watching her every breath and had not slept all that
time. After three nights of that, my brother asked if I would sleep over in the hospital the next night so
dad could get some sleep. I agreed as there is only one nurse to 10 patients at night.

For the first hour and a half she was breathing well. I was reading to her and talking to her even
though she was in a coma. Then the nurses turned her over to her other side so she would not get
bed sores. He breathing sounded a bit different but the nurses said it still sounded ok. I was leaning
over her just to check that her breathing was ok and was just about getting ready to sit in the chair
and rest a bit, but I was going to hold mum's hand with one hand and have my other hand on her
chest so that if I feel asleep I could feel if there were any changes in her breathing and wake up
quickly to assist her.

But it did not even get to that. I was standing up leaning over her checking her breathing. It sounded
ok. All her life she has had an irregular heartbeat and occasionally she would pause a little while
before breathing again but would always start up again. But this time she paused.... I rubbed her
chest and said "come on mum keep breathing", but after that she did not anymore. I called for the
nurses and they came immediately and they said that was it.

The nurses rang my brother Peter and he came immediately. Dad was in a deep sleep after not
having slept for three days and Peter could not wake him. So we stayed in the hospital with mum for
a couple of hours then went to get dad so he could see her. Dad and Peter said I was very brave
agreeing to stay overnight with her in the hospital in those circumstances. That was on the 2nd
January 2007.

My brother is a lovely person. The next day he said we don't have to do anything so we went on a
nice drive around Nambucca heads, and Bellegin and the Bellinger valley, beautiful scenery and had
lunch in a nice restaurant.

I went back to work two days afterwards. Mum's service was 1-1/2 weeks later. 106 people came,
from Canberra and Sydney and all over the place. We had an afternoon tea back at my parents
place and people stayed for about 5 hours. Dad got over 100 cards. We got lots of beautiful flowers
delivered, a whole big dining room table full. I got quite a few cards too.

I was very close to my mother and miss her a lot. Dad and I get on very well now. It was his birthday
4 weeks after this happened. I bought him a nice photo album which he had asked for and a lovely
big framed blown-up picture of my mother which he was thrilled to get. I ring him up every few days to
make sure he is alright. I have got lots of nice friends I can talk to about it and two church groups with
nice helpful people there.

Remembering Mother
on her Birthday

Mother I will always remember your voice
Your kind personality demure and sweet
I will celebrate your birthday throughout the years
Like a flower you will continue to grow in my heart

Your sweet memory will remain for e'er
It will carry on for many a year
Your beautiful radiance exudes all around
Your presence is a perfume
That will linger around us here

Your beautiful face I remember still
All your kind acts of gentleness still thrill
We constantly think of your wonderful deeds
You will always be remembered steadfast and true

We remember your smile which lightens our way
We think of you constantly every day
How we wish you could spend more time with us
But memories will keep you alive in our hearts
Daphne Ruth Laybutt
June 17, 1921 ~ January 2, 2007
Daphne Ruth Laybutt was born in Pinjarra WA Australia to
Herbert and Effie Thorn. She resided in Coffs Harbour. She
is survived by her spouse, Marvyn Laybutt; her children,
Jennifer and Peter Laybutt; and a brother, Don Thorn.
She was a typist.
To Mother
by Jennifer Laybutt

Dear Mum, you are the loveliest mother that ever lived
Every second you exuded love all around
You had a lovely caring manner with a helpful hand
Your presence gave happiness and joy profound

I will remember you forever with memories sweet
And all the kind actions and treasures deep
Mother you were the sweetest thing alive
Your memory I cherish till eternity's skies

You always gave freely with a helping hand
Your joy you extended to all around
Your wonderful love I will ne'er forget
You remain in my heart forever set

Your beauty like a rose will never fade
Age will not weary you, you remain for many a day
Forever I'll remember such a person so true
Mother always I will love you
Flowers placed here by daughter, Jennifer Laybutt.
Flowers placed here by daughter, Jennifer Laybutt.


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