Joshua J. Like
1979 ~ 2007
"God's Guaranteed Angel"
My son Joshua was born a healthy little boy. Sadly at the age of 4 months he was hospitalized with
spinal meningitis which left him with severe brain damage. Final diagnosis was Profound Retardation
with Cerebral Palsy. He never learned to sit up, crawl, walk or talk but he had a smile that could light
up a room.

When I was a child I once asked my mama why some kids were disabled, unable to speak or walk.
She told me that because normal kids grow up and face so many temptation to sin that God wasn't
sure he'd have many angels in heaven, so he chose some special kids to become his guaranteed
angels. These children were blessed by God. They could never sin and were guaranteed a place in
heaven. So after Joshy's illness left him with so many medical problems I knew he was one of God's
guaranteed angels!

I lost my baby one year and one week to the day of losing my darling husband. They are now
together. Daddy is getting to see Joshy whole for the very first time. Wow, how wonderful that must
God's Guaranteed Angel
Joshua Like

An innocent little life
That was always filled with strife
From his little lips no words came
He never had the chance to seek fortune or fame
The gift of walking was never given
Dependant on others for all aspects of living

A smile he freely gave to those who took the time
To speak to him just a few lines
For all those years we thought he had not a gift from heaven
But for him he had the most precious gift of all
A guaranteed angel place was his in heaven
From grace he could never fall

Life here would be short for God would call his name
All too soon for those who loved him so dearly
The time to go so quickly came
And we saw all so clearly
That another of God's Guaranteed Angels
would be given his wings
And be whole in heaven's glory
sitting beside the King of Kings

Joshy, I sure do miss you but
Heaven is indeed sweeter with you there!


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