Michael Like, Sr.
1958 ~ 2006
The love of my life, my soul mate, best friend and husband
of 31 years, 8 months and 11 days, lost his battle with lung
cancer on July 15, 2006.  I miss him so very much. We have
3 grown children and 3 grandsons.

He was my rock, my "one". All during his battle against the
cancers that attacked his body his main concern was me.
He asked me to promise him that I would be ok after he was
gone. I did and now I struggle each day to fulfill that last

Mike was more than the cancer that stole him from me. He
was a kind man. He was strong. He loved deeply. He was a
friend, He was a husband, He was a father. He was a
grandfather. He was an uncle. He was a brother. He was a

He was so much more then I can ever put to words.
A Gift From Above

You were a gift from above
Sent to parents who didn't know how to love
On your little boy face tears did grace
For the childhood you had to face
Clinging to your sisters hand, you survived
When most would have died
Neglected and abused
You never laid blame or accused
The Parents who didn't know how to love
Their gift from above

You became a man with scars from your past
Upon your life sorrows they did cast
A true love you did find
With a spirit so kind
At last you thought true love and peace you had won

The past you tried to put behind
But it tormented your mind
Within your addictions you escaped your past
Trying to hide the memories at last
You overcame with courage and strength the childhood
You could not change but as a man understood
Your parents didn't know how to love
Their gift from above

Forgiveness you did seek from those you had wronged
Peace and love is for what you longed
Your life was hard and full of pain
But at last love you did gain
Your life was a gift from above
Sent to bless those who knew how to love

We will always love you
This will always be true
Our undying love,
Your wife, Linda
Children, Linnie, Michael & Josh
Grandsons, Brandon, Aaron & Austin
A poem I wrote about his life:


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