Linda Lynn McManus
August 18, 1948 ~ November 30th, 2007
Dear Lord,

You gave me a miracle that was my Mother who went with you to
Heaven; who tended me and wiped my tears from all my fears.
Every day she stood by me, through good and bad, and many
times I let her down as a child. She still loved me in every way
and every day.

Oh, God, I cried my heart out when she went with you to stay. I
prayed for you to take me that day but you didn't and I had to
stay. I realize it doesn't work that way. Now she is my Angel that
gets me through each and every day; my Angel that protects me
in every way. My Angel, my Mommy that's in Heaven, that loved
me and hugged me so dear.

Dear Lord, I was blessed the day I was born for that Angel was
and is my precious Mommy. Some day it will be my turn and we
will be together again so we can hold each other without pain.
Look, Mommy! You are free and can breathe again.

So please Lord, bless her and hug and kiss her for me and keep
her forever in Heaven away from all pain, and help me be much
more like her so I can be with her again.

I love you Mommy, with every breath and every step I take every
day. I love you, Mommy. . . I will see you again one day.

                         LOVE YOU ALWAYS
                 WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL
                     YOUR BABY GIRL PEGGY


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