Della J. Coleman Phelps
February 14, 1949 ~ March 31, 2007
Della J. Coleman Phelps was born February 14th,1949 in Missouri.
She passed away on the 31st of March 2007. She is survived by her
husband, four daughters, and one son. She has five grandchildren
and one great-granchild. She is loved by all of her family and friends.

Della was a very strong woman. She raised her children on her own.
She went through a lot in her life. All of the things she went through
made her the woman we all know and love. She was the type of
woman to take things as they come and learn from your mistakes. She
believed that very strongly. She worked very hard just to live life.
Butterfly Memorial to Della

A rush of wings, they flutter high
To touch the sun and kiss the sky

A butterfly is with us now
No more caterpillar upon a leaf

Della Coleman Phelps with angels wings
A soaring butterfly with us they sing.
In Loving Memory of
Della Coleman Phelps
May you always rest with the
angels Della. We love you!!
She was a beautiful bright, smart & down to earth woman.
She brought a lot of love into her family. She loved butterflies
and she loved the color purple. Those things always lit up
her face and made her smile.  If you ever got to meet her it is
a blessing. She was such a wonderful woman and we are all
so very lucky to have had her in our lives. She will never be
forgotten and she will always live on through us and in our
hearts forever.


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