Jillian Dawn Wojcik
August 2, 1986 ~  November 21, 2006
For my sister . , ,

I was so happy when she was born.
A small gift not only for my parents but for me too.
I remember writing a letter in my school journal (11 years old)
about the best day of my life
and that day was the day my baby sister was born.
I still have that paper.

And now I am here writing about the worst day of my life~
the day we lost her.
Her stay here was short.
She was taken from us so suddenly.
I miss her with all my heart.
I know she is in a good place now,
and has no more pain.
She was a Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Niece
and friend to many.

Go rest now precious one,
Your life in eternity has just begun.
Now you can walk, your legs are brand new.
All of heaven is now in your view.

Look all around, it's all in your sight,
There will never be another dark night.
Flowers and jewels, the street of pure gold,
and all of the things that have been told.

I can just imagine the smile on your face
as you walk all around in that beautiful place.
Greeting our loved ones as you walk along,
while singing heaven's most beautiful song.

This is so very hard, but it will all be okay,
it isn't goodbye, we'll see you one day.
We love you and we'll miss you and at times it will be tough,
but as with everything, God's grace will be enough.


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