In the darkness of the quiet room,
only the subtle glow of a night light
spills its essence over the bed where you lie.

I reach out, taking your delicate hand in mine,
And gaze at you, my love.

It is quiet now, in the halls just outside the door.
Where once filled with activity, now silence reigns.
Only the occasional passing nurse breaks the stillness of the night.

You're so still, so calm.
As I gently caress the back of your hand and pray;
You twitch, from pain that racks your frail body,
And your fingers, just for a moment, squeeze mine.

My lip trembles, as another tear chases the path of the last.
I would give my life to ease your pain.
I would gladly trade places to give you life again.

Here, in the darkness of a dying room,
My heart and soul also die a little, as each minute passes.
Remembrances (of your smiles, your laughter, and
The joys of our life together)
Fill my thoughts and I squeeze your hand
with the pain I feel.

Losing you is losing life itself.
Your ashen color and coolness of your touch
Testify of the nearness of death.  And yet, I can't let go.

Your eyes still closed from the dullness of
drugged relief, and yet there is pain.
My quiet sobs, nor my tears, bring you comfort.
I feel so helpless and want to scream out,
"HERE I AM ~~ Take ME!"

And yet, the room is empty.
The quiet lingers
And your hand again grips mine.

Then, in the corner of the room,
There came a light.
The light grew to fill the room.

A personage stood in the midst of that light, dressed in white.
His robe glowed with its own brilliance.
There were two others with Him,
as they came to the side of the bed.
And, I stood in awe of their majesty.

As I started to back away, He beckoned me to him.
And as I approached, He enfolded me within His loving arms.
I had never felt such love.
I was filled with His spirit as He held me,
and my tears flowed freely as I returned His embrace.

Then, as He released me, I turned to see you standing there
beside me, with such a sweet and beautiful smile.
Free from the pain that had racked your body.
Free of the torment of your illness.

You glowed with the radiance of an angel.
You were more beautiful than I had ever seen you.
And then, you hugged me.

There, without words, our spirits touched
and I was filled with your light.
My heart was again full;
My spirit was again alive as I held you.

And then, as I opened my eyes,
I saw your body still there on the bed.
For it was your spirit that I was holding,
which was holding me, too.

We turned then to the personage,
Who I now knew was our Father from Heaven.
He hugged us both.

Then He took you by the hand.
As you turned back to me,
With your soft loving smile, you said,
"I have ever loved you and ever will."

Then as you left, you said,
"Darling, I have other work to do. My work here is complete.
But you have much left here for now.

For, who better to teach the children that He lives?
Who better to tell them of His infinite love,
now that you have seen and felt His hug?

I am happy, my sweet love,
And I wait for you above.
With no pain or troubles near,
Know there's nothing else to fear."

Then as you all faded into the light,
I could feel your joy and love
And knew you were free at last.

With the knowledge I will be with you again,
I reach down and kiss your sweet hand;
softly say, "Goodbye, my love, but only for a little while,
for, I'll surely be with you again."

And with a smile of knowing what is to come,
I walk out into the hall;
Knowing the Master lives and loves me, too.

Although I'll miss my sweetheart,
I now have my heart back;
Overflowing with their spirit and love.
©  James O'Brien
Posted here with permission.
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