Life Goes On ~ Really!
©  Ferna Lary Mills
for just a moment in a different context.  At first glance, typically we see the white vase in the
middle of this picture. Stare at it long enough, and change your perspective just a bit and you
can see the two faces staring at each other with only white space between them. Some folks
will see the faces first, some the vase first. Some get so wrapped up in one view that they can
never see the other view.

"Life goes on."

At first glance, from our perspective, it seems that even though we have suffered a great loss
when our loved one departed, our life (although it will never be the same as before) continues
to go on. When my parents passed away several years ago, I never dreamed just how much
life DOES go on. However, now looking back on the years since they left, I can vividly see the
changes ~ my daughter's marriage, my new grandbabies, new friends, and a different
direction in my life than ever before.

Wow! So many changes. However, it doesn't mean I don't still grieve, for I still miss them
terribly, but life does go on, even in our grief.

Now, take a second glance ~ one from God's perspective, and compare it with that same
photo at the beginning of this story.

"Life goes on."  Same sentence, but with His greater meaning. Although our loved one
departed from this life, THEIR life goes on. The whole reason that God sent his son, Jesus,
was to change things so that our life would be eternal. By accepting Christ, God's gift to us,
He said we would never "die". Our physical body may die and turn to dust, but as He lives on,
so will we. Eternally.

Now, I see in this photo what I think God might see. Two faces, separated only by a little time
and a little space. One face being the spirit of my loved one who now lives with Him in that
Most Glorious Place, and the other face, my own spirit that still resides on this side of
Heaven.  My loved ones and I are separated only by a short period of time and space,
compared to all eternity, and we both can look forward to that grand reunion one day.

The white vase now appears only to be a little white space. That should put grief back into
perspective. May you never look at this photo the same way again and may knowing that
there is but a small space between you and your loved one, and believing that there will be a
reunion one day, may you find His glorious Peace.


As the season begins to change and the cooler breezes of almost-winter blow gently upon my
face, I'm reminded of the awesome power of a loving God whose love never changes ... no
matter the season ... no matter the circumstances of my life.  Life does go on, and there is
great comfort to be found in God's eternal faithfulness.  
What do you see?
"Life goes on."  It's a simple statement, but one that holds a truly
complex meaning. All that is required to grasp both meanings, is the
ability to change our perspective. Please let me explain. Take this
picture, for example.  You've probably seen it before, but let's look at it


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