How many times have you been so lost, all you wanted was a visible sign to show you the
way? Something tangible. Something you can see or hear. Something to give you the
reassurance you so desperately need that you are in the right place and doing all the right
things. Sometimes, don't you just want a neon-colored billboard-sized sign that you can't
possibly miss?

Living with loss is hard. It's probably the most difficult life-change you will ever have to go
through. Besides the grief of a family member's absence, you may experience even tougher
life-problems because of their absence. Maybe you've lost income, or are faced with either
returning to the work force or getting a second (or even third) job in order to make ends meet.
Maybe your circumstances have forced you to find a new place to live or to travel to a different
state in order to be closer to other family members. Add children to this mixture and your
problems can be multiplied ten-fold. Who will take care of them while you work, or how can you
help them adjust to their loss when you are still struggling with your own?

There may be a lot of different problems, depending on your specific circumstances. As a
result, there are a lot of changes going on in your life, as well as a lot of choices to make.  Big
choices. To top it off, right now, everything is intense. Your trials are intense, your grief,
despair and hopelessness may be intense, and your future seems so uncertain and unclear.
There are big decisions to make and huge doubt looming over each one of them.  Probably the
biggest question is, can you really do this? The answer is simple: Yes, you can. All you need is
a sign, for reassurance.

The first sign is a very visible, much-bigger-than-billboard-sized sign:
The sun rose this
You are still alive, still able to see the sunlight, and still able to recognize that a new
day has dawned ~ for YOU!  It may seem like such a simple thing, but there is a depth of
understanding to be gained in that simple sign. If you weren't doing the right things, and if God
wanted you to stop, you wouldn't see that sunrise. Your days would be finished.  But, the sun
did come up this morning. You are still living!  Some days, that's an astronomical feat, but that's
your first step. This is a day without your loved one, but it is a day meant for
YOU, and the first
sign that God does still have wonderful things ahead for you. If you accomplish nothing other
than seeing one more sunrise, you are doing the right thing!

The second sign is also a very visible one. You will know it when it happens, but you may not
be aware of it unless you are really looking for it:  
The sun will set this evening. This is a
sign that what you did today is okay, and this day is now completed. Whether you did the right
things today or the wrong things is not relevant at sunset. It just means that today is finished,
the evening lies ahead for you to rest, and God will give you another sunrise in the morning; a
fresh new day to take a few more steps towards your future, or to make a fresh new start if you
weren't satisfied with this one.

Taking those two signs, one at a time, day by day, puts you on the right road and in the right
frame of mind to tackle whatever problems life is throwing at you. It's amazing what a difference
one day can make, especially when you just take them only one at a time.

Because the sun rose, you were given a new dawn and a new day, a gift from God. Because
the sun set, you were given a chance for renewal; a time for rest; also a gift from God. But He
gave you an even greater gift than these!

God never intended for you to go through your days alone, nor to struggle with these
impossible life-choices alone. Because His Son rose, you were given a new life, guaranteed
never to end ~ Eternal Life. No greater gift has ever been given. No greater gift has ever been

Now, no one ever said that being a Christian or having the promise of Eternal Life means
problem-free-living! Nowhere is it written that a Christian doesn't have problems or doesn't
have to go through life-changing trials.
But a Christian never has to go through them
The Lord said, "I am with you always!"  If you've made the choice to follow Jesus and
to allow Him to be your personal savior and fully trust in Him, you've already made the Greatest
Choice of your life.* Everything else is secondary, and once you've made that choice, He will
be your guide through EVERYTHING else you go through!

As a Christian, Jesus walks with you every moment of every day and He will give you the
strength to withstand your trials and the wisdom to make the right life-choices even in your
most difficult circumstances. His strength alone can guide you through those excruciating
choices, and if you fully trust in Him, allowing Him to be your guide, you WILL make the right
choices, even during the most difficult days of your life.

These simple signs aren't neon-colored roadside billboards, but they loom large enough to see,
powerful enough to feel, and yet small enough to hold them closely within the confines of your
heart. Let them encourage you, one day at a time, one step at a time.

Take the time to watch the dawn as it approaches, allowing the rising of the sun to refresh your
spirit and fill you with His presence. Become aware of each dawn as you meet Him early in the
morning and get ready to walk with Him through each new day. Take the time to watch the
sunset, knowing He has been with you throughout this day and He will stay with you and renew
your spirit as you rest.

Walking and talking with the Lord, you will find comfort and the peace you need to make those
difficult life-choices you are facing. You will find His peace, which surpasses all human
understanding. Don't be surprised when you find Joy again, for it's just beyond the dawn.

*For those who may be visiting here who have not experienced the joy and peace of accepting
Jesus into your heart, please take a moment and visit "
Key to Heaven". The words there were
written just for
YOU because I care about you and want you to be able to find that same
comfort and peace that I (and so many others!) have found through Jesus Christ.
Give Me a Sign, Lord!
© Ferna Lary Mills


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