Neosporin is a wonderful thing. With kids or grandkids around, it's almost a household
necessity. This healing ointment is terrific for putting on a scrape or minor cut to help the wound
heal quicker, and over the years I've probably used close to a hundred tubes of it.

The healing process is an interesting thing, how the body can in many ways simply heal itself.
Sometimes it takes a skilled professional or surgery or some outside force to assist in that
healing, but most of our minor bumps and scrapes just seem to heal all on their own.

When my daughter was four years old, she fell while holding a glass mug and severed the end
of her index finger. This was beyond Neosporin. It required a skilled physician (for whom I'm
forever grateful!) and daily trips to the doctors office for nearly three weeks to be sure the
reattached digit was healing correctly.

By the third week, when he removed the bandages it was horrible. It was black and had a
sickening smell, and my heart broke in half when the doctor told me it would have to be
removed to save the rest of her finger. She was too young to really understand, but I had
visions of proms and dates with fancy dresses and manicures with long nails, on all but one
finger. It might seem like a small thing to some, but it truly broke my heart.

I begged him to wait just a few more days to be sure and he said, "Bring her to the office
tomorrow. If it's not miraculously better, it has to come off."

Miraculously better.  That's a tall order. But that night, after putting her to bed, I knelt at her
bedside and prayed fervently that God would save her finger. I asked for a miracle, because I
knew that nothing short of a miracle would do. I reminded God in my prayers that I knew he
loved my daughter even more than I loved her, and I begged and pleaded with him. Fervent
prayer. Afterwards, I was spent, physically and emotionally, and went to bed.

At 10 a.m. the next morning, we were required to be back at the doctors office for a final review
and when he removed the bandage from her hand, he and I both stood there with our mouths
wide open. The damaged end of her finger was starch white! The doctor stuttered for a moment
and then he turned to me with his wide eyes and asked, "What did you DO?"

I just smiled and said, "I prayed."  God answered my prayer and healed this baby's hand. Today
she is 21 years old and although the end of this finger remains slightly deformed, it is at least

Now, sometimes we pray for miracles and they just don't come. I don't know why God gives us
miracles at some times and not at others, and it's not for me to question His divine authority. I
know my job is to simply trust that all things work for good for those who love Him. Sometimes
that's a pretty tough job.

When my mother was dying with cancer, I prayed for miraculous healing for her as well. This
time, His answer was, "No."  After a six month battle, she was gone from us. My heart broke and
my spirit crumbled as I felt a part of me had died with her.

Now, I was the one in need of miraculous healing. Neosporin couldn't heal my broken heart.
Skilled professionals couldn't heal my broken spirit. No surgery, pill, or shot would make me feel
any better. Sometimes, it takes much more than anything this world can offer to heal a wound
that deep.

                 It takes a divine heart to heal a broken one.

Spend many hours in prayer with a loving God who grieves when we grieve, and who knows
our every sorrow even before we utter one word. Your heart will heal, as mine did, from the
inside out, with divine intervention. God loves you and wants you to simply put your trust in Him.
I can honestly tell you this because I've been there and He has healed my heart. I still miss my
mom greatly, and the feeling of loss will always be there. But He has performed a miraculous
healing over time, and now I can laugh again and be joyful knowing there will come a day when
I will see her again in our Heavenly home. I pray you will find that Peace as well.

May God truly bless you and bring you to that wonderful place of Peace in Him.
Healing a Broken Heart
© Ferna Lary Mills


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