God's Perfect Timing
© Betty Sue Eaton
This day began like any other first Wednesday of each month: Get ready to go out to the
nursing and rehabilitation home to help conduct a game of Bunco for the residents as a social
outlet. I know it is a popular event because we began about four months ago with barely
enough participation for one four-member table. Now we are up to five and the staff has asked
us if we can come out more than once a month! I and four more ladies from our church enjoy
the camaraderie and laughter of the residents and at the end of each game day, we allow
them to select a gift from several baskets of small treats as prizes to reward them for winning
the most games of having the most Buncos! Last month, we ran out of treats and the home
staff came up with enough small stuffed animals to make up the difference to our great delight.

However, today when I arrived at the home, there were no residents in the recreation room
and no other members of our team in evidence. After waiting for fifteen minutes with the time
to begin passing, I thought to look at the "Events" chalkboard posted on the wall. To my
surprise I read "Cancelled" written across the Bunco space.

At first I was annoyed that no one had called and informed me of the cancellation, and then my
mind sorted through reasons why it could have happened: My leader had been called out of
town suddenly with no time to alert me. Or perhaps she had been in an accident and was in
the hospital or worse! The only thing to do was take my wounded pride and go back home to
find out what really had happened.

On my way out, one of the administrative staff encountered me and asked if I was visiting
someone there. After sorting out reasons for my presence, she asked if I would be a witness
for them. It seems there was a need for a witness signature on a "Do Not Resuscitate" paper
for someone related to one of the residents. I agreed and followed her to the office where I
found two men, their eyes red as though they had been weeping. I commented that obviously
theirs was not a happy task nor an easy one.

We spoke of similar experiences and their stating that there was never a time or reason to let
a loved one go, but that their mother had lived a long and productive life and it was time for
her. I shared my experiences with death and assured them that we are never in charge of life
and death, only God is, and the timing is His alone.

My dear grieving friend, if you have lost someone you love and wished to change the outcome
of their life, just know this: God's timing is perfect for His purposes.

I know very well that young or old, when our time according to God's clock is spent, He will
take us home to be with Him in Paradise. We have no say in the matter. Each of us is born
with a plan for our lives here on earth, and when God determines that purpose has been
fulfilled, our time here will end. It is never easy saying goodbye, to never see our loved ones
again here, but they are just a breath away waiting for us to join them with our heavenly
Father where there is no death, no suffering, no disappointments, no anger, and no sadness ~

Many times I have began an undertaking with my usual high spirits only to have it change
abruptly before completion only to find that God had other purposes for my on that particular
day, as today. I could not conduct Bunco, but I could witness to two grieving sons at the
approaching death of their mother, and I could bear testimony that they had taken every
opportunity, done everything they could to change that eventuality. But now they must
acknowledge it was time to let go and let God do His ultimate work

My prayers for them was to thank God that He was taking her out of her pain and sickness to
a much happier place for all eternity, and where they will meet her in days and years to come.

God's timing is always perfect. He is always merciful and just. He is always there to comfort us
when He finally says to one of His own, "Well done, my good and faithful servant. Welcome

May you find that perfect peace that knows no end as God has promised. ~ Betty


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