No Daylight Savings Time
for God's Clock
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It's time again for our clocks to "Leap Forward", and once again we will be getting up in the
middle of the night to go to work. We quarrel to ourselves, "Why do they have to mess with the
time? Wasn't the old fashioned method of determining when the day began good enough?"
There are several theories as to why Daylight Time came into existence. For people who lived
on farms in the '30s, as I did, the President said that it would allow us more time after we got
out of school to work in the fields on our crops. For those folks who lived in cities and worked
there, it was to allow time for chores and homework before turning on lights and using
precious resources that were so scarce during that Great Depression. Whatever the real
reason was, it threw our whole way of life into momentary chaos!

When we think about time, we don't really take into consideration that "time" is one of God's
perfect devices put into place when He created all of the Universe, and that still works
perfectly after eons of "time" have passed. Nothing has changed from His original Plan, and
nothing ever will until He says it's "time" to clean up the mess the human race has made of His
beautiful creation and Christ comes again. The sun continues its orbit every day without
variation regardless of how many times we "Spring Forward" or"Fall Back", and will continue
just as God planned in His grand Creation.

No matter when we begin our days, be it at 7:00 a.m. for the first shift of the day, or 12:00
midnight for the late shift, we will adapt and go on with only minor adjustments to the time
change. We will still go through our days with not a thought of when our Eternal Saving Time
will be imposed upon us and we will not have to get up and go to work ever again. We will
continue to act as though we are immortal and ignore the fact that there is not a human being,
animal, plant or any living thing that will live beyond its God-designated time on the earth. We
all are only mortals.

However, when one of our own answers God's time change for us, we grieve and mourn for
we have lost part of ourselves. Our days are long and filled with anguish regardless if it is
Daylight Saving Time or back to the normal Standard Time mode. We wonder if we can ever
again feel like going on without the one we cherished and miss so terribly now. Our hearts are
broken and there seems to be no way to heal them.

There is only one way that I know, and I have experienced the death of too many of my family
members in my lifetime. . . sometimes I wondered when I would want to pick up the phone and
call one of them only to find that I am the only one of my family members left, and there is no
one left to call. Nothing I could do on my own could erase the pain in my soul for the loss of
two on my children long before I thought their time should be up here with me on earth. So I
did the only thing I could:  I went to my knees and poured out my grief to God and asked Him
to take it over because I was unable to handle it any longer alone. I pleaded with Him to show
me what I could do to erase my helplessness without hope.

He heard my pleading even before I uttered one word in supplication. He hears our very
groans of anguish without us even asking. He promised to give us peace and comfort when
we asked and I for one can testify that He will do as He said! It may not come to us in our time
frame; but in God's time, He will answer our prayers for release from grief as He promised. He
is the only one who can take away our longing and replace it with a gentle memory of our
loved one.

If you have lost a loved one and feel that there is no hour or minute of the day when you feel
you can go without them, go to our Lord Jesus Christ and tell Him how you feel; tell Him how
badly you are hurting and how your grief is too much to bear alone. Ask Him to be with you
throughout the days and through the long, lonely nights to comfort you and bring you peace. I
know He will if you truly believe His promise to be with you whenever you called. He promised
and He is always true to His word.

May you find blessed peace, comfort and hope as you mourn your loss. ~ Betty
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