Copyright, by Mary J. Lyles
Posted here with author's permission.
Dear Lord ...
Dear Lord,

Even in the midst of great trials, you are there. Through our weaknesses, you are
strong, Lord, always lifting us up ... in spite of the storm clouds that rage on before
us. But, the fire you send out enlightens us and uplifts us; an eternal flame. The
only Holy One is You, blessed Lord.

May Your candle of love ever be in us, touching hearts, changing lives and
revealing Your glory to the pilgrims in search of a brighter tomorrow. We are Your
people. We march on, Lord. As You send us to a lost and dieing world, may we
march on ~ still to victory, holding forth the flaming banner of Your love.

All things are possible to them that believe and, Oh Father, we do believe in You
and we believe in all You can and will do.

We thank you, Father God, for the answers to all the prayers prayed here on this
little corner of the universe. There is a people whose builder and maker is God.
You, Father, are the master builder of it all and we do have a firm foundation in
Jesus, the Rock of our Salvation. Be lifted up, everlasting doors, and the King of
Glory shall come in ... and the King of Glory shall come in.

Lord, we praise you. We love you. There truly is none like you. Forever and ever,
we shall bow down our hearts and lives to You. Knowing this truly, we trust in You
fully and that You are working it all out to our good, because Your Word says it.
We delight in you. So, the promise is coming ~ you would fulfill the desires of our
heart. Our desire, more than ever before, is that the lost would come to know You.
Send us, Lord, and we shall go wheresoever You lead us. Fill our hearts and
minds, and let our words be all You want of us.

Lord, let us always and forever praise You. Let Your voice speak forth in and
through us. Let Your ways be seen. After all, to the world, the only Jesus they see
is in us.

Lord let us always honor You in all we say and do. May You say of each of us,
"Well done, thou Good and Faithful Servant!" and we shall dwell with you on that
glorious day, when you call us from immortalness to immortality, in the twinkling of
an eye. SELAH ... In Jesus' name. Amen.
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