Becky, Through My Eyes
The journey back home,
parting this time - the last.
You, in your matchbox bier
rekindled the memories of my past.

The present took me back
to your mid-school days.
A student in Pat's Science class
Honor roll grades for you, always.

Secondary years the same,
advanced education - earned degree.
A girl in Math, also computers.
A brain - this girl, just ask Frank Dooley.

A job out of state.
Then an opening in T. or C.;
a loyal teacher, friend and guru.
As your boss, it made Pat happy.

But things got rough there.
The community got out of hand.
Your support was unwavering.
For our side, you took a stand.

With a pat on their shoulder,
you propelled Keith and Kipp.
During an impossible situation,
told them Pat was still hip!

We wallowed in our gloom;
you sang triumphantly to our boys.
Praises noteworthy of their dad,
your stalwart spirit birthed us joys.

Three offspring of your own,
you harvested three jewels.
They were as the morning dew
to all of us - who them - knew.

They joined a loving family,
more limbs to your family tree.
Happiness surrounded them.
Nicholas, Lisa, and Myckie!

With Gayle, their dad,
and your twenty-year-plus spouse;
your mom - Catherine;
Two brothers - Bill and Mike;
Two sisters  Ann and Gari.

And at your services
your grandchildren of three
Caylin, Tyler, and Zachary
Rang the bell of celebration
To proclaim the start of your journey
Heaven bound - victory.

And Father Hausfield!
How well he knew you.
Declared you a teacher.
heralded you the greatest.
Born to teach - he stated - born to teach.
How well he knew you.

You were the delicate light of daybreak,
The tranquil, serene, Zephyr's wind.
You were autumn's ashen shimmer,
and the winter's spark that made snow glimmer.

The hole in our heart
will shrink in size.
The empty days will decrease
and also tear-filled eyes.

For we know you're with God.
The one you served and adored.
The example you were to us.
You're heaven bound - victory -
You're with your Lord!
Copyright, by Carol Meeks
Posted here with author's permission.
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